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Academic Foundation for LEADers (AFLEAD)

AFLEAD Overview

This 50-hour program is designed to offer prospective USNA Company Officers in the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) program the contact-hours specified by the University of Maryland’s LEAD graduate degree requirements. The Academic Foundation for LEADers (AFLEAD) internship is offered during the USNA Spring semester.

Objectives and outcomes: This three-phase program will provide counseling contact-hours with students (Midshipmen) and will help prospective Company Officers become more familiar with academic information, resources, and processes specific to the Naval Academy that they will use on a daily basis as a Company Officer.

Phase I: Training

January.  Total training hours: 9

This phase will include all of the training required to complete phases II and III.

Training required for phase II includes: academic organization of USNA, the majors selection process, in-depth majors information, core curriculum and graduation requirements of USNA, observation of a class session. Participants will indicate preferences for and be selected to specialize in subset of majors in preparation for phase II.

Training required for phase III includes: academic resources available to students and organization of the Brigade of Midshipmen.

Phase II: Majors Selection Advisement

January – March.  Total contact-hours: approx. 5.  Planning, coordination, reporting, and logistics-hours: approx. 12.

In this phase, participants will assist first-year students in the selection of an academic major. All USNA students select a major before the end of their first year. This is a critical decision for students and a great opportunity for LEAD participants to provide valuable insight and guidance in a skills-matching and interest-matching approach.

Participants will assist USNA program directors with the majors “open house” in February and will provide one-to-one and one-to-many counseling sessions until the selection deadline in March. Participants will be able to draw from phase I training, formal education from UMD, and their own personal experience to help students with this decision. Participants will meet weekly with Academic Center Faculty for reflection and coordination.

This phase includes a substantial formal paper reporting the observations and findings of this phase.

Phase III: Outreach

March – May.  Total contact-hours: approx. 9. Planning, coordination, reporting, and logistics-hours: approx. 15.

Midshipmen of all classes struggle with the academic and professional rigor at the Naval Academy. In Phase III, participants will propose a plan to outreach to Midshipmen. This phase is the culminating phase and is akin to a final project.

The qualifications and status of LEAD participants (highly-educated military officers that do not yet have authority at USNA) makes them ideal counselors to USNA Midshipmen. Participants will meet as needed for reflection and coordination.

This phase includes a substantial formal paper reporting the observations and findings of this phase.

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