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Starfish★ Help

The Basics

To login to Starfish★, use the link to the left or this direct link to Starfish★.

How to Log in to Starfish  Open Video

This video will show you how to log in to Starfish. You can log in from the intranet or the Internet.

What is the Starfish★ Academic Success System (SASS)?

Starfish★ is a web-based suite designed to help Midshipmen connect with Professors, Faculty, and other Academic Service providers. It describes a Midshipman's academic efforts outside of class.

How do Midshipmen Use Starfish★?

Midshipmen use Starfish★ to find Tutoring and MGSP sessions applicable to the courses they are currently taking. More features for Midshipmen will be added soon.

How do Professors and Faculty Use Starfish★?

All faculty members that are associated with a Midshipman can check up on that Mid's academic performance and see attendance to help outside of class (EI, MGSP, Tutoring). Professors can log EI sessions with a Midshipman and add notes about the Midshipman's progress. This provides a unified view of what your Midshipman does outside of class.

Company Officers and SELs, Coaches, O-reps, and Academic Advisors can all keep up with a Midshipman's academic involvement outside of class. They can contribute by adding notes or logging when they have meetings or sessions with a Student.

Accessing Starfish★

Nearly every user with a USNA email account and a relationship to a Midshipman can log in to Starfish★. Use the link in the navigation bar to the left or use this direct Starfish★ Login link. All you need is your USNA network username and password.

Help with Using Starfish★

Use the tabs above to find more help on using Starfish★.

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