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What is the Starfish★ Academic Success System (SASS)?

Starfish★ is a web-based suite designed to help Midshipmen connect with Professors, Faculty, and other Academic Service providers. It describes a Midshipman's academic efforts outside of class.

How do Midshipmen Use Starfish★?

Midshipmen use Starfish★ to find Tutoring and MGSP sessions applicable to the courses they are currently taking. More features for Midshipmen will be added soon.

How do Professors and Faculty Use Starfish★?

All faculty members that are associated with a Midshipman can check up on that Mid's academic performance and see attendance to help outside of class (EI, MGSP, Tutoring). Professors can log EI sessions with a Midshipman and add notes about the Midshipman's progress. This provides a unified view of what your Midshipman does outside of class.

Company Officers and SELs, Coaches, O-reps, and Academic Advisors can all keep up with a Midshipman's academic involvement outside of class. They can contribute by adding notes or logging when they have meetings or sessions with a Student.

Accessing Starfish★

Nearly every user with a USNA email account and a relationship to a Midshipman can log in to Starfish★. Use the link in the navigation bar to the left or use this direct Starfish★ Login link. All you need is your USNA network username and password.

Help with Using Starfish★

Use the tabs above to find more help on using Starfish★.

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