Midshipman Research  


Conducting research as an undergraduate can be a rewarding and educational experience.  At the Naval Academy, faculty members with expertise in many areas mentor midshipmen and facilitate their development as scientists, engineers, or scholars.  Funding for midshipmen projects and travel is provided through several sources, including the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Midshipman Research Poster Day - December 11, 2014, Dahlgren Hall, 8:30-10:00 AM

Why enroll in a research project course?

  • To gain valuable hands-on experience in your major and apply knowledge learned in the classroom.
  • To work with experts in the field and use cutting-edge technology.
  • To enhance your critical thinking and communication skills.
  • To create new knowledge and contribute to your field of study.

     How do I find a project?

  • Check out the "research" links on departmental web pages. 
  • Meet with several faculty members to discuss their research interests.
  • Talk with course instructors for project ideas and recommendations of faculty colleagues who might share your interest in a topic.
  • Visit the "Research Projects" page for ideas and contacts.
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