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  Important Information for MIDN Internships:

The USNA APPROVED Summer 2014 Internship list (current as of 14 January 2014)
has been posted.  A few minor adjustments may be made to this approved list,
but it is essentially complete for Summer 2014.

USNA-APPROVED List of Internships for Summer 2014 (as of 14 Jan 2014)

To learn about any internship on the list and/or to apply to a new opportunity:  
CONTACT the faculty POC identified on the row for the specific internship listed.

A few internships have been cancelled for Summer 2014. 
Others may be cancelled or adjusted as hosts assess staffing, funding & projects.

Each MIDN selected to participate in an internship:
Stay in contact with the USNA faculty POC for the internship to receive status updates.

Review the information in the following pdf document to understand how academic internships
will be reviewed, approved, and scheduled in Summer 2014.
"Summer 2014 Activities and Requirements: Academic Internships"


Information about Summer Training Responsibilities and Requirements
will be posted at the Brigade Training webpage

Calendar for Summer 2014: 
(current as of 9 January 2014;
subject to change)

  Block 0:    Friday, 9 May - Friday, 23 May
       Block 1:    Tuesday, 27 May - Friday, 20 June
      Block 2:    Monday, 23 June - Friday, 18 July
Block 3:    Monday, 21 July - Friday, 15 August

1st Set Plebe Detail:  Primarily in Block 2.  Detailers return to USNA at 1200, 26 June.
   2nd Set Plebe Detail:  Overlaps Blocks 2 and 3.  Detailers return to USNA at 1200, 22 July

NOTE:  Detailer Turnover is at NOON on 25 July.  Detailers from both sets are required to attend.

Mandatory Leatherneck (LN) training for rising 1/C is ONLY available during Blocks 1 and 2.

Forthcoming:   updated information --- at the following dept links

Aerospace Engineering Department  
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department  
Mechanical Engineering Department  
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department  
Weapons and Systems Engineering Department  


Economics Department
English Department
History Department  
Languages and Cultures Department
Political Science Department  


Chemistry Department
Computer Science Department  
Mathematics Department  
Oceanography Department 
Physics Department 

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