The following form is intended as a painless and rapid method to collect the data needed to generate a faculty database which will serve as a useful resource to the Academic Dean and Provost Office, the Research Office, and the Public Affairs Office.
For example:
--The Dean's Office will be able to identify faculty who are alumni of a given institution or who have prior military experience.

--The Research Office will be better able to respond to inquiries from potential research funding agencies. At present, a call may come into the Research Office requesting the name of an individual whose research interests match their specific fields of study. Currently, no searchable database exists, and it is a hit or miss process based upon memory. With the addition of many new faculty members to USNA, the need for such a database has become apparent.

--The Public Affairs Office will be able to respond to requests for faculty with expertise in "Non-Professional Specializations" such as bee keeping, Civil War expertise, or photography, for community speaking engagements.

At your convenience, it is requested that you complete and submit this form online.
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