External Research Plan Form

This form must be filled out and submitted through the chain of command for any research proposal that requires Naval Academy acceptance of funds. It is also the appropriate form for matching and Faculty Recognition Grant applications.

After submitting this form via the 'Submit' key, please print a copy for your records and a second copy to route through the chain of command. The latter, when signed by you, the Department Chair and the Division Director, is the official document that will be shared with the Comptroller Office. It will contain the necessary information the Comptroller needs to accept funds that may subsequently arrive on your behalf. Please call 3-2504 if you have any questions regarding completing this form.
From: Signature and Date:
To: Director of Research and Scholarship
Via: (1) Chair, Department of Signature and Date:
(2) Director, Division of Signature and Date:

  1. This research involve human subjects.

  2. I request

  3. The following expense elements should be discussed with the Research Office (x32504) prior to final submission of this form. Information about faculty salary is located at Faculty Salary Schedule. Look up the row corresponding to your salary step to get information about your hourly, daily, and intersessional salaries.

    Expense ElementFunded by SponsorFunded by USNA
    Total Salary:
    Travel (local or other):
    Equipment costs:
    Purchased services:
    Support personnel:
    Supplies and materials: