Reimbursable IT Purchase Form

The purpose of this form is to solicit approval from the Research Office and the Information Technology Services Division of your intention to purchase computer-related hardware or software using research reimbursable funds.

Items identified in the Pre-Approved ITSD List do not require additional approval.  For such items, simply note on the purchase paperwork that the items are on the pre-approved list.

Once the Principal Investigator (PI) for the research funds submits this form, a copy of the submission will be e-mailed to the Research Office and to ITSD.
Approvals will be conveyed to the PI by response e-mails. Copies of both approval e-mails must be attached to the purchase paperwork before it can be submitted for processing.

Please note that the approval from the Research Office only denotes that the item being purchased is consistent with the general terms of the proposed research as submitted in the PI's External Research Plan (ERP) form. It is the PI's responsibility to ensure that the item being purchased is explicitly itemized in the PI's Statement of Work in the ERP and as submitted to the funding agency. If the item being purchased is outside of the scope of the original Statement of Work, the PI is required to acquire, in writing, explicit authorization from the funding agency prior to proceeding.

To: Research and IT Offices
Subject: Reimbursable IT Purchase
Date (ddmmmyyyy):
Description of item and intended use:
Cost estimate and the number of the items being purchased:
Reimbursable account to be charged:
Departmental inventory listing:
This hardware/software will:
If not on the network, where will this item be located?
Maintenance contract: