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USNA strives to maintain a closely linked relationship between the Academy’s mission, goals, and objectives and the ongoing institutional assessment processes, which are, in turn, integrated into Academy planning and resource decision making.


Annual Assessment Memo AY15

Annual Assessment Memo Enclosures for AY15 -- Editable

Annual Reporting of Assessment Progress ACDEANINST 5400.1A

USNA Core Learning Outcomes

Preamble and Core Learning Outcomes 


FSAC Student Learning Outcomes Workshop

FSAC Rubric Creation Workshop

FSAC Curriculum Mapping Workshop

Contact Information

Dr. Katherine Cermak
Assistant Dean for Planning and Assessment

United States Naval Academy
Nimitz Hall, Mail Stop 10g
589 McNair Road
Annapolis MD 21402

Phone: 410-293-1579 (DSN: 281-1579)
Fax: 410-293-3735

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