Academic Dean and Provost Notice

1 Sep 14


From: Academic Dean and Provost

Ref: (a) ACDEANINST 1531.59

1. Purpose. This notice announces the schedule of academic advising, preregistration, and registration and describes the responsibilities of the participants during the fall semester of the academic year 2014–2015. The guidance for previous and following years is similar; specific (e.g., date) changes are highlighted in red.

2. Background. The schedule for counseling, preregistration, and registration during the fall semester is as follows. Preregistration for the spring semester will take place during the period 12–19 September 2014. Registration for the spring semester will take place during the period 17 November – 5 December 2014. Details concerning the registration process will be announced by the Registrar.

3. Action. Responsibilities for preregistration and counseling are as follows:

a. Department Chairs

  • plan advising sessions for majors, if appropriate
  • remind faculty about their advising responsibilities

b. Advisers - Majors

  • be knowledgeable about major programs
  • counsel advisees and monitor their progress
  • verify that advisees have prerequisites for spring courses
  • counsel advisees to take non-majors courses as prescribed by their matrices unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise

c. Advisers - Plebes

  • assist advisees in course selection and preregistration for the spring semester
  • monitor academic progress of advisees
  • counsel plebes about majors programs and learning strategies

d. Midshipmen of the Upper Three Classes

  • attend special advising sessions, if any, scheduled for their majors consult with academic advisers PRIOR to preregistration
  • be familiar with general academic requirements, course prerequisites, and specific requirements for their majors
  • take care to preregister for at least 15 credits, unless excused by the Academic Board
  • consult the MIDS program Majors- Query Major Requirements
  • run the MIDS program Courses - Preregister AFTER consultation with their advisers

e. Plebes

  • consult with academic advisers PRIOR to preregistration
  • run the MIDS program Courses- Preregister AFTER consultation with their advisers

Notes for Midshipmen:

1. Midshipmen are free to meet with their advisers at any time of mutual convenience. They need not wait until the formal preregistration period begins to develop academic plans for the future. The week before the preregistration module is accessible on MIDS may be best for faculty and their midshipmen advisees to meet to plan the next semester.

2. The MIDS module Courses - Preregister will be available for 1/C beginning at 0700 on Friday, 12 September 2014; for 2/C beginning at 0700 on Tuesday, 16 September 2014; for 3/C beginning at 0700 on Wednesday, 17 September 2014; and for 4/C beginning at 0700 on Thursday, 18 September 2014. The deadline for completing preregistration for all midshipmen is 1800 on Friday, 19 September 2014.

3. Preregistration is essential to the administration of the academic program. Preregistration data is used to allocate resources and plan for the following semester. It is important to accomplish the preregistration process in a timely manner to meet deadlines. Therefore, any midshipman who has not preregistered on time will be reported to the Deputy Commandant and charged with a failure to properly perform a duty according to Midshipman Regulations. Moreover, midshipmen failing to preregister on time will lose the registration privilege that allows them to request instructors or schedules for next semester.

4. Midshipmen should not preregister for a course in a semester other than that prescribed by their class and major without a compelling reason.


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