Academic Dean and Provost Instructions  

Document Number
Academic Accountability 1531.64
Academic Courses with 28X and 48X Designators 1531.50
Academic Dean Committees 5420.1
Academic Orientation for Newly Reported Faculty 1500.1
Academic Reporting System 1531.62
Academic Titles for Military Faculty 1520.2
Acceptable Standards of Written and Oral Communication 1531.6
Administration of Academic Programs 1531.58
Administration of Interdisciplinary Major in Cyber Operations (SCY) 1531.81
Administration of Interdisciplinary Major in Quantitative Economics (SQE) 1531.65
Annual Reporting of Assessment Progress 5400.1
Award for Academic Excellence by Varsity Athletic Teams 1531.66
Civilian  Faculty Pay System 12500
Complaints Against Faculty Members 1531.63
Conflicts of Interest 5370.3
Content Issues in Teaching 1531.22
Copyrighted Material 5870.1
     Copyright Guidelines Sep 09
Course Enrollment Policy 1531.13
Courses, Classes, and Semester Examinations 1531.61
Criteria for the Academic Promotion of Physical Education Dept Faculty 12335.2
Curriculum Development Projects


Curriculum Review Process 5420.20
      Downloadable Curriculum Change Request Form Encl. 2
Department Chair Selection 5450.1
Designations for Courses and Majors 1531.8
Duties and Responsibilities of the Director of the Naval Academy Museum 5755.1
Faculty Awards for Excellence 12450.1E
Faculty Development Funding 4001.2
Faculty Led Cultural Program Abroad Guidelines 5700.3C
Faculty Outside Employment and Professional Activities 5370.4
Faculty Reporting of Teaching and Professional Activities 5314.1
     Download Faculty Activity Record
Faculty Workload 1531.51
Gender Equity and Academic Issues 5420.2
Grades and Reports 1531.60
Honors Program 5420.4
Humanities and Social Science Electives 1531.10
Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity 3920.3
Language Study Abroad Program Guidelines 5700.1
Library Collection Management Policy 5070.2
Library Operation 5070.1
Majors,Course Enrollments and Changes 1531.59
Midshipman Academic Performance Reports 1531.80
Midshipman Evaluation of Classes and Instructors 1531.12
Midshipmen Research Project Courses 1531.79
     Download Proposal Format
Midshipmen Written Communication Standards 1531.6
NAPS Curriculum Advisory Committee 1531.67
Naval Intelligence Foundation Award 12450.3
Partnership between Battalions and Departments 5420.10
Plebe Academic Handbook - Class of 2017 1531.111
Plebe Advising Handbook 2013-2014 1531.56S
Policies Governing the Operation of the Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence 1531.34
Policies Governing Storage of and Access to Academic Information 5211.1
Procedures Concerning the Preparation of Recommendations for Academic Promotion, Tenure, Reappointment and Non-Renewal of Contract 12335.1
Travel Study Course Policies 1531.78
Procedures for Appointment to the Faculty 12300.1
Requirements for Travel Abroad in Official or Leave Capacity 4600.3
Research by Naval Academy Faculty 3920.1
Sabbatical Leave 12630.3
Semester Study Abroad Programs Guidelines 5700.2B
Summer School Enrollment Policy 1531.77
     Commandant Memo on Summer School Policy 28 Jan 02
Trident Scholar Program 1531.68
Visiting Committees 5420.29
Wertheim Fellowship 3920.5
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