USNA Academic Instructions

Number Subject Date Originator
Instructions <1500-4999 
1500.3 Orientation Program for Newly Reported Military and Civilian Personnel 13JUL93 ADFMA
1531.33F Midshipmen Academic Performance Reports 31OCT08 ADAA
1531.34C Service Academy Exchange Program 27SEP11 CMDT
1531.39 Academic Advising System 19AUG83 ADAA
1531.47C Premedical/ Predental Advising and Selection for Medical/Dental Corps 21AUG01 ADAA


Graduation and Degree Requirements 9MAY08 ADAA
1531.51A Class Standings and Merit Lists 25MAR96 ADAA

1531.53B CH-1

Policies Concerning Graded Academic Work 13APR10 ADAA
1560.3F Voluntary Graduate Education Program 5DEC08 GRADEDPRGM
Instructions 5000-11999 
5060.5F Honorary Title of Professor Emeritus 26OCT10 ADFMA
5420.24G Policies and Procedures Governing the Academic Board 5JAN10 ADMISSIONS
5420.33A Faculty Senate  29MAR99 ADP
Instructions 12000+ 
12430.4B Performance Appraisal of Civilian Faculty Members 28AUG98 ADFMA
12550.4B Civilian Faculty Pay System 5JAN06 ADFMA
12831.1A Status of Retired Civilian Professors 27APR07 ADFMA
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