Plebe Summer Academic Events

The Academic Event Schedule for the Class of 2020 is Still Under Development. Note that any posted schedule(s) may be subject to change.

The following is a summary of the academic events held during Plebe Summer. The Plebe Summer public website also contains helpful general information.

General Events & Academic Placement Exams

Date Time Event Location
30 June
All Day Induction Day Alumni Hall / Everywhere
0815-1115 Toledo/Chemistry I Exams King Hall and Dahlgren Hall
1315-1530 English Exam King Hall and Dahlgren Hall
1645-1745 ADAA Brief to Class of 2019 Alumni Hall
0800-1115 Chemistry I Exam Makeup Michelson 110
TBA Math Exam(s) Makeup
1300-1515 English Exam Makeup Sampson 217
1430-1800 Physics I Exam Rickover 102 & 103
1300-1500 Chemistry II Exam Rickover 102

1300-1600 Calculus III Exam Michelson 110
1430-1800 Physics II Exam Rickover 103 & 110
1600-1700 SM122X/Advanced Math Briefs Rickover 102 / 103 / 110

Language Validation and Placement Exams

These exams are required for selected midshipmen wishing to validate language coursework or place into higher levels of courses in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian, Language validations for all midshipmen are available throughout the academic year.

Date Time Event Location
various various  Language Validation Exams
(see platoon schedule)
Nimitz G0139

Academic Advising and Orientation (AAO) Sessions

Date Time Event Location

Academic Advising Registration (AAR) Sessions

Date Time Event Location

Other Academic Events

Date Event
Museum Tours
Computer Issue
Computer Set Up
Standard Book Issue
Library Tours
Parents' Weekend
Core Book Issue
Bancroft Hall Move
Computer Study / Training
0900: Turnover Parade / Reform Brigade
1930: Academic Dean & Provost Brief (Alumni Hall)
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