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Academic Background System (ABS)

Members of the incoming Class of 2019 are required to provide USNA with important academic background information to facilitate their proper placement in courses to start the academic year via the Academic Background System (ABS).

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ABS for the incoming USNA Class of 2019 will open on or about 06 April 2015 and then remain open until Induction Day ("I-Day"). 
Note that ABS is available only to students who have been offered and have accepted an appointment to USNA's Class of 2019.

Please see your Permit to Report (PTR) packet for information regarding your ABS user ID and password. .

For information about seeking Admission to the Naval Academy and becoming a midshipman, please contact our Office of Admissions.

Additional information regarding USNA's Academic Programs may be directed to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) at or 410-293-1589. Additional information on the Admissions process (including PTR packets) should be directed to the Admissions office via their online form or 410-293-1858.

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