Senior Academic Advisers  

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Prof Jennifer K. Waters, Nimitz Library G009 x31581
Dr. Christopher Davis, Nimitz Library 229F x36381
Director of Academic Advising
Prof Pamela Schmitt, Nimitz Library G061 x36888
Director of Plebe Programs
CDR Donald J. Carlson, USN (Ret.), Mitscher Hall 226 x32935
Plebe Academic Advisers 
Division of Engineering & Weapons
Division Senior Adviser, Prof Richard Link x36523
Aerospace Engineering, Assoc Prof David Miklosovic x36445
Computer Engineering, Assoc Prof Ryan Rakvic x36166
Electrical Engineering, Assoc Prof Brian Jenkins x36159
General Engineering, Assoc Prof Joel Schubbe x36526
Mechanical Engineering, Assoc Prof John Burkhardt x36523
Naval Architecture, Prof Gregory J. White x35101
Nuclear Engineering, Assoc Prof Mark Murray x36451
Ocean Engineering, Prof Sarah Mouring x36442
Systems Engineering, CAPT Owen Thorp x36122
Division of Mathematics & Science
Division Senior Adviser, Prof Mark Elert x36636
Chemistry, Prof Jeffrey Fitzgerald x36343
Computer Science, Assoc Prof Luke McDowell x36811
Cyber Operations, CAPT(ret.) Mark Hagerott x30937
General Science, CDR Jay Gutzler
General Science, Assoc Prof Jody Lockhart
Information Technology, Assoc Prof Luke McDowelll x36811
Mathematics, Prof  Charles C. Hanna x36720
Oceanography, Prof Peter Guth x36550
Operations Research, Assoc Prof. Sommer Gentry x36724
Physics, Prof Debora Katz x36656
Quantitative Economics, Prof Peter Andre x36704
Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
Division Senior Advisor, Assoc Prof T. Jason Shaffer x36220
Arabic, Assoc Prof Clarissa Burt x36353
Chinese, Assoc Prof Wenze Hu x36341
Economics, Assoc Prof Ryan Brady x36883
English, Assoc Prof T. Jason Shaffer x36220
History, Assoc Prof Marcus Jones x36272
Languages and Cultures, Assoc Prof Perla Sasson-Henry x36374
Political Science, LCDR Rachel Gosnell
Political Science, Prof Rod Tomlinson
International Midshipmen Assisted by:
Assoc Prof Robert Stone x36357
Division of Leadership Education and Development
Leadership, Ethics and Law, LT Zachary Prager x36055
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