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Important dates and events: (See also current semester calendar.)
  • Mon, 8 Dec: Last Day of Fall Semester Classes
  • Tue, 9 Dec: Review & Study Day
  • 10-20 Dec: Final Exams. See the Final Exam Schedule and Notice for more details.
  • Tue, 23 Dec: Grades Due
  • Sat, 27 Dec: MAPRs Due
  • Tue, 6 Jan: Plebe Majors Briefings
  • Wed, 7 Jan: First Day of Spring Classes. This day will follow a Monday class schedule.
Some helpful information for faculty about required Background Investigations is now posted on our site under Faculty Resources.

About the Academic Program

To prepare midshipmen as Naval officers, the Naval Academy’s curriculum blends professional subjects with required and elective courses similar to those offered at leading civilian colleges. Our curriculum has three basic elements:

  • Core requirements in engineering, natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences, to assure that graduates are able to think critically, solve increasingly technical problems in a dynamic, global environment, and express conclusions clearly.
  • Core academic courses and practical training to teach the leadership and professional skills required of Navy and Marine Corps officers.
  • An academic major that permits a midshipman to explore a discipline in some depth and prepare for graduate level work.
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