Administrative Department

USNA Instructions 11000 - 11999

Inst # Date Subject Originator
11000.5 May 31, 2007 Execution of Construction Projects at the U. S. Naval Academy PWD
11100.7B CH-1 Apr 28, 2014 Policy and Instructions Governing the Use of Naval Academy Facilities Special Events
11101.13A Jul 08, 2011 Assignment Policy for Key and Essential (K&E) Personnel to Public-Private Venture (PPV) Housing Supe COS
11103.2B Feb 28, 1990 Administration of the Naval Academy P. D. Stroop, Distinguished Visitor and Guest Suites Protocol
11170.1K Aug 06, 2014 Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium Memorial Affairs
11260.1A Mar 10, 2015 Weight Handling Equipment Safety Program Supe COS
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