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USNA Instructions 12000-

Inst # Date Subject Originator
12213.1 Mar 22, 2013 Excepted Service Hiring of Faculty and Instructors DepSupt
12330.1 Dec 15, 1982 Procedures for Requesting Paid Advertising for Civilian Personnel Procedures Dir, HRD
12335.1A CH-1 May 26, 1983 Merit Staffing Policy and Procedures Dir, HRD/EMP Div
12339.2 Feb 02, 1988 Medical Examinations for Civilian Employees Dir, HRD/ER & SD
12351.1B Apr 27, 1982 Reduction in Force: Policy and Procedures for Dir, HRD/EMP Div
12410.4B CH-2 Aug 06, 1982 Upward Mobility Program and Procedures at the Naval Academy Dir, HRD/ED
12410.7A Nov 27, 1989 Civilian Employee Training, Education and Development Dir, HRD/EDD
12430.4B Aug 28, 1989 Performance Appraisal of Civilian Faculty Members Ac Dean & Provost
12430.5 May 01, 1989 Performance Management Program Dir, HRD
12451.4 Nov 06, 1995 Incentive Awards Program Dir, HRD
12451.5 Dec 02, 1997 Naval Academy Excellence Awards Program Dir, HRD
12510.8 CH-1 Aug 23, 1995 Delegation of Position Management and Position Classification Authority Dir, HRD
12532.1 Oct 24, 1985 USNA Policy in Highest Previous Rate of Pay for Wage Grade Employees Dir, HRD/ED
12550.3 CH-1 Feb 19, 1985 USNA Policy in the Use of Highest Previous Rate of Pay Dir, HRD/ED
12550.4B Jan 05, 2006 Civilian Faculty Pay System Ac Dean & Provost
12552.6E Nov 25, 1991 Environmental Differential Pay Assignments for Exposure to Various Degrees of Hazards, Physical Hardships, and Working Conditions of an Unusual Nature Dir, HRD
12594.3G Oct 22, 2010 Uniform Allowance for Transportation Department Civilian Personnel Dep Finance
12610.1C May 19, 1983 Establishing Workweeks and Work Schedules for Civilian Employees Dir, HRD
12610.4F Jan 07, 2005 Modified Operations Policy Dir, HRD
12630.7A Sep 24, 2001 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Dir, MER
12711.1 May 28, 1985 Job Action Contingency Plan Dir, HRD/ER & SD
12713.6A May 01, 1979 Mentally Handicapped, Physically Handicapped, and Disabled Veterans: Employment and Placement of Dir, HRO/EMP Div
12713.7A Jan 08, 1990 Sexual Harassment Discrimination Dir, HRD/EMP Div
12713.8A Nov 17, 1988 Awards for Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity Dir, HRO/DEEOO
12715.2 Mar 23, 1995 Separation Clearance Dir, HRD
12771.1B Jun 25, 1998 Administrative Grievance System Dir, HRD/ER &SD
12790.5D Aug 13, 2008 Vending Machines NABSD
12790.6B Aug 31, 1990 Civilian Employee Assistance Program Dir, HRD/TEDD
12792.1 Apr 09, 1991 United States Naval Academy Drug-Free Workplace Program Dir, HRD
12810.1B Sep 06, 1990 Employee Occupational Illness/Injury Compensation Dir, HRD/C & BD
12831.1A Apr 27, 2007 Status of Retired Civilian Professors Ac Dean & Provost
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