Administrative Department

USNA Instructions 2000 - 2999

Inst # Date Subject Originator
2000.1E Oct 13, 2006 Telecommunications Policy ITSD
2100.3C Aug 07, 2013 General Instructions Governing Procedures for Message Handling ITSD
2100.4 Feb 25, 2010 Naval Academy Policy and Procedures on Issuance, Use and Management of Government-Owned Cellular Phones, Personal Digital Assistants and Calling Cards ITSD
2210.1C Mar 23, 2011 Secure Telephone Equipment Terminal ITSD
2280.1B Apr 20, 2012 Handling and Safeguarding Communications Security (COMSEC) Material ITSD
2300. 3E Dec 18, 1989 Management and Administration of Annapolis Area Security/Industrial Communication System NSA Annapolis
2400.1 Nov 14, 2006 Electromagnetic Spectrum Policy and Management ITSD
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