School Visits: Bringing USNA to You!  


As an education professional  you face many challenges and competing interests in your quest to educate your students about college options. We hope to assist you with these challenges by bringing the Naval Academy to your school to inform your students about the wonderful opportunities available at our college. We offer one-on-one counselings, classroom presentations, and school assembly presentations. When available, we also provide musical support by Naval Academy Men's or Women's Glee Club, Gospel Choir, or our professional cover band, Electric Brigade. For musical support, full assembly presentations are preferred.

Field Admissions Counselors

Below is a list of our Field Admissions Counselors. If your school is in one of these five cities or surrounding areas and you are interested in hosting the Naval Academy, please contact the appropriate FAC. If your school is outside of these areas, please choose the closest FAC and they will be able to help you or direct you to someone at the Admissions Office who can take your request!

Name Email City
LT Antoinette Carter Atlanta, GA
LT Michael Seymour Houston, TX
LT Danika Denzer Los Angeles, CA
LT Isiah Frias Chicago, IL
LT Aaron Obrochta New York City, NY
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