U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club  

U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club U.S. Naval Academy Golf Club

The Naval Academy Golf Club is a private, university golf course owned by the U.S. Naval Academy. It is operated by the Naval Academy Golf Association (NAGA), which is affiliated with the Naval Academy Athletic Association(NAAA). NAGA originally had a 9-hole course established in 1916 adjacent to the Academy yard. The current course was acquired by the Academy around 1939, when it was redesigned by renowned architect William Flynn.

The golf course serves approximately 600 annual members, plus spouses. In addition, it serves as the home course for the brigade of 4000 midshipmen and all the faculty and staff at the Naval Academy. Active duty and retired military personnel also have access to the course. The golf course averages about 45,000 rounds per year, and is open year round, weather permitting.

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