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Falcon Fumble

Bill is trying to have a nice game of football with the Air Force Falcons, but they keep fumbling the ball! They seem to just be winging it out there. Help Bill show Air Force who's number one by following the instructions below.


In order to play the game, click the start button, and use your keyboard for game controls:

  • Arrow keys: Move Bill’s Blue Angel F-18
  • Spacebar: Throw the Football

Your Opponents

Cadet Crines

Cadet Crines

4/C Crines is new to the scene and can easily have his feathers ruffled. An angry bird, he is always trying to prove his ability. He's pretty persistent, but he has yet to earn his talons.

Lt Feather Duster

2d Lt Featherduster

2d Lt Featherduster foolishly thinks that his Air Force training has prepared him to take on Bill, but he has deep-seated fear of housework... and goats!



The boss, the big cheese, the feistiest of falcons. Known for his fierce beak and talons. It may be difficult at first, but Bill usually manages to take him down and gains another feather for Tecumseh's headdress.

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