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The Computer Science Department at the US Naval Academy houses the Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) majors. Both majors provide an exciting curriculum that meets the needs of newly appointed naval officers serving in the fleet.

This nationally recognized department is dedicated to remaining on the leading edge of research and technology. Both the CS and IT majors are dynamic and vital components of the Naval Academy's academic program.

Research : Efficient Computation with Sparse Polynomials

We know computers are good at number crunching - but what about when those numbers have millions of digits? MIDN Atkins, Browning, and Overfield ('14), under the supervision of Asst Prof Roche, designed and implemented a high-performance software package for arithmetic
with sparse integers, a more efficient storage format for some kinds of huge numbers. This package could be used to implement public-key cryptography with the same security but more efficient encryption and decryption.

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Why Study Computer Science?

CS and IT are consistently listed at the top of major "best jobs" reports. It often ranks #1 in terms of salary, job satisfaction, and career progression.

Find out more here, including what the President has to say about this critical field of study.

Our Faculty

The department is home to 10 civilian Ph.D. professors, 7 military faculty, and a handful of distinguished visitors. Our faculty offer a range of exciting electives, integrate cutting edge research into the classroom, and many students pursue one-on-one research with faculty.

Information for Prospective Students

Explore the Majors

Spend some time learning and comparing the CS and IT majors. Detailed information about both majors, including why it is important to the Navy, can be found on our short introduction page.


Annual briefs are given to 4/C midshipmen. A couple of them can be downloaded here.

Recent 4/C Brief: PDF 

Detailed 4/C Brief: PDF

Dual Majors

Many students from across the Yard choose a dual major with either CS or IT. In fact, double majoring in both CS and IT is a popular option given the overlap in content.

Visit the dual major page for helpful details and dual major matrices.

Comparison with the SCY major

The department contributes many of the courses within the Cyber Operations (SCY) major. SCY is an interdisciplinary major with a large CS/IT core. Many of its courses are derived from CS and IT courses. Read about how CS/IT compare with SCY.

Recent Events and News

STAMP Scholar

CS Major Selected as STAMP Scholar

Mr. Stamps and the Stamps Foundation selected ten midshipmen to become the Naval Academy's second cohort of Stamps Leadership Scholars. Our very own MIDN Andrew Zhao, a Computer Science major, was one of the selected students. The Stamps program provides each scholar with funding to be used for leadership development and top-student enrichment activities beyond those normally offered at the USNA.

Top Finish in Cyber Captain's Cup

The 'Anch0rm3n' cyber team from USNA placed 2nd out of 11 teams at the highly competitive, DoD-invitational Fort Meade Cyber Captain's Cup. The team competed against top cyber experts from all of DoD in the event's second year. The event was created and hosted by LTjg Justin Monroe (USNA 2010 - SCS and SIT dual major) and his team from NIOC-MD, a Fort Meade tenant command. The competition featured a number of challenges in digital forensics, network traffic analysis, binary reverse engineering, and similar topics.

CyberStakes Team Wins

The most recent DARPA CyberStakes team was entirely made up of Computer Science and Information Technology majors. They beat out Army, Air Force, and others at the cyber security competition. Here they are showing off their many medals.

Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year

The department's very own Jade Seabrook was named the Patriot League's defensive player of the year. Seabrook became the first player in Patriot League soccer, men’s or women’s, to garner a major league award three-straight years in a row. She is currently in her final year at the academy studying information technology.

Former Brigade Commander Studies at Oxford

MIDN Eugene Yang, Computer Science major, was selected Brigade Commander for Spring 2014 -- and then went on to become the inaugural winner of the ADM Stansfield Turner Scholarship to Oxford!

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