Department Information

The Computer Science Department at the United States Naval Academy houses the Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) majors.

Both majors provide an exciting curriculum that meets the needs of newly appointed naval officers serving in the fleet. See for yourself what people serving in the fleet are saying about our majors…

This nationally recognized department is dedicated to remaining on the leading edge of research and technology. Both the CS and IT majors are dynamic and vital components of the Naval Academy's academic program.

Information for Prospective Students

Below is a summary of the department and the CS and IT majors, as presented each year in January to the current plebe classes.

The CS department also contributes several courses to the major in Cyber Operations (SCY):

Recent events

A USNA team placed 2nd out of 11 teams at the highly competitive Cyber Captain's Cup.

MIDN Eugene Yang, Computer Science major, was selected as Bridage Commander -- and then went on to become the inaugural winner of the ADM Stansfield Turner Scholarship to Oxford!

A team of CS and IT majors recently beat out Army, Air Force, and others at the DARPA CyberStakes competition. Here they are showing off their many medals: