Voluntary Graduate Education Program


John's Hopkins University USNA has a long-standing program that permits qualified midshipmen to accelerate their undergraduate education in order to pursue a graduate school education in Computer Science during their senior year at USNA and extending for 6 months following graduation from USNA. An M.S. in Computer Science is awarded upon completion of this program. Up to 20 midshipmen per class are selected for this program.


Johns Hopkins University



The Navy pays the tuition equivalent to that at the University of Maryland. Students are required to pay for books, transportation, fees, and any excess tuition costs.

Additional Service Obligation:

An additional service obligation is incurred by participating in VGEP equal to three times the length of the graduate school program. For Naval Officers, this commitment is served concurrently with their Naval Academy obligation. For Marine Corps officers, the obligation is served consecutively with the Naval Academy obligation. For more information click here.

Application Procedure:

If you are interested in the VGEP program. Talk with your academic advisor to plan how to get ahead of your major's matrix. This is done by validating courses, overloading courses each semester, or taking summer school courses during your leave periods.

VGEP Instructions and Notices:

Further Information:

For further information, please check the Graduate Education Opportunities page.