Center for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Portfolio Workshop

Presented by: Judith Reagan

May 11, 2015 to May 15, 2015

What is a teaching portfolio? What purposes can portfolios serve and what advantages do they offer?  Why should I develop a teaching portfolio?

A teaching portfolio is a collection of carefully selected and analyzed materials that document one's major teaching activities and accomplishments over time.  Framed by a statement of teaching philosophy and supported by relevant data, the portfolio offers a flexible, dynamic tool for self-reflection, evaluation and improvement.  In short, creating a teaching portfolio is an evaluation experience for practitioners at every level.

In this week-long popular workshop now in its seventh year at the Naval Academy, participants will:

  • discuss the purposes and uses of a teaching portfolio
  • evaluate teaching and learning styles
  • draft individual teaching philosophy statements
  • learn about what materials to gather for the portfolio
  • learn practical tips about what does and doesn't work
  • work with a mentor/coach to facilitate the portfolio process

The workshop will meet M-W-F from 830 – 1200.  Coaches will be assigned to each participant who will then meet as needed outside of the workshop times.

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