Burial Lookup: C

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Surname Given Name Category Lot Number USNA Class Type
Caciola James John USN/CDR 15-4-C 1957 government
Cain Mat Murry USN/CDR 45-2-H 1940 government
Caldwell David Clark USN/LCDR 11-6-F 1940 government
Caldwell Dorthea Matz civilian 0277 - private
Caldwell Henry Howard USN/RADM 0277 private
Callahan John Joseph USN/EN1 1379 - government
Callaway John Douglass Jr. USN/CAPT 12-3-F 1947 government
Callaway Janet L. civilian 12-3-F - government
Calvert James Francis USN/VADM 0256   private
Calvert Margaretta H. civilian 0256   private
Campbell Margaret T. civilian 1283 - government
Campbell Infant child 0164 - private
Campbell Colin USN/RADM 1283 Navy Cross government
Campbell Levin Hicks, Jr. USA/Lt. Gen 0336 1909 private
Campbell Lucile Woods civilian 0336 - private
Campbell Virginia Lawrence civilian 42-2-I 1945 government
Campo Nunzio USN/MU1 1075 government
Campo Margaret civilian 1076 - government
Cann Betty Louise civilian 46-3-G - government
Cannon Leo John USNR/CDR 45-1-H 1953 government
Capone Lucien USN/RADM 46-6-H 1949 government
Capone Charlotte Lammers civilian 46-4-H - government
Capriotti Anthony Thomas USN/CDR 46-2-B 1944 government
Card Melvin child 0984 - unmarked
Carde Freeland H. USN/CAPT 20-3-C 1938 government
Carde Marybelle civilian 20-3-C - government
Cardiff Brian L. USN/LT 0261 government
Carey A. W. USN/Landsman 0999 USS Huron government
Carey Infant child 0801 - government
Carless William T. USMC 1442 - private
Carleston Baby child 0844 - government
Carlson Patrick John USN/CDR 19-4-J 1960 government
Carlson Lynn Carol civilian 19-4-J   government
Carmichael Elizabeth civilian 0106 - government
Carnevale Bernard Louis Ben civilian 41-5-D - government
Carpenter Cedric Caesar USMC/CDR 0015 private
Carpenter A. Thelma "Peg" civilian 0015 - private
Carpenter Donald N. USMC/Lt. Col 0015 private
Carpenter Ottilie Schreiber civilian 0015 - private
Carpenter Dudley Newcomb USMC/CAPT 0015 private
Carpenter Sylvia Caesar civilian 0015 - private
Carpenter Norman Eugene USN/CAPT SC 42-3-A 1950 government
Carpenter William Milner USN/CAPT 42-2-E 1940 government
Carpenter Mary Alice Comer civilian 42-2-E   government
Carr Charles Benjamin IV USN/MIDN 0009 2008 government
Carrier Harley Mack USN/SM1 1376 - government
Carrigan Richard Conrad USN/CDR 40-4-F 1956 government
Carroll John Lawrence USN/LT 16-4-H 1947 government
Carrol William USMC/Pvt 1043 USS Huron government
Carroll Eugene USN 1565 government
Carroll David USN/Chief Boatswain's Mate 1089 government
Carroll David civilian 1090 - government
Carson Robert   1557 government
Carter James Benham USN/CMDRE 1776 private
Carter Minnie civilian 1395 - private
Carter Lloyd USN 1369 - government
Carter Bert USN/BMC 1394 - government
Carver Baby Boy child 0919 - government
Casey William Charles USN/CDR 13-3-B 1944 government
Casey   infant 0801 - government
Casey Myrtle M. Collins civilian 13-3-B   government
Cassidy Regina Biggy civilian 0116 - private
Cassidy Richard Edward USN/CAPT 0116 1907 private
Cassidy Marie Hall civilian 0116   private
Casten Ray Jones USN/LCDR 40-3-G 1942 government
Caswell Gertrude Ford civilian 0229 - private
Caswell Elizabeth Blanchard Randall civilian 0230 - private
Caswell Gertrude Ford civilian 0229 - private
Caswell Thomas Thompson USN/Pay Director 0230 private
Cavanaugh John Paul USN/LCDR 43-5-D 1950 government
Ceilia child 0887 - unmarked
Chace Frank Clinton USMC/COL 41-4-H 1953 government
Chaires William Frances USN/CAPT 41-2-F 1945 government
Chaires Jeanine Crocco civilian 41-2-F - government
Chapman Christine child 0882 - government
Chapman Baby Boy child 0828 - government
Chapman M. F.   1137   unmarked
Chapple Wreford Goss USN/RADM 14-4-D 1930 government
Chapple Mary Cobb civilian 14-4-D - government
Charbonneau George 'Chark' USN/CDR 40-3-K 1952 government
Charbonneau Joseph Paul USN/F1 1430 - government
Chew Helen Loughan civilian 1659 - private
Chew John USN/VADM 1659 private
Chew Julia Pierson civilian 1659 - private
Childers Alice Marie civilian 13-6-B - government
Childers Robert Burgess USN/CDR 13-6-B 1942 government
Childs A. M. USN/CGM 1055 government
Christensen Ernest Edward USN/RADM 1787 private
Christensen Marjorie Holcomb civilian 1787 - private
Christie Baby child 0859 - government
Christopher Catherine C. civilian 1785 - private
Christopher Thomas A. USN/RADM 1785 private
Christy Harley Hannibal USN/VADM 1632 1891 private
Christy Helen Manuel civilian 1632 - private
Church William Campbell USN/RADM 1682 private
Church Ann Hamilton civilian 1679 - private
Church Albert Thomas USN/RADM 1680 private
Church Anna Frances Frear civilian 1682 - private
Church Marion Gibson civilian 1680 - private
Church Albert Thomas, Jr. USN/CAPT 1679 private
Clark Frances Bryan civilian 0067 - government
Clark Harry L. Jr USN/CDR 41-4-C 1943 government
Clark DaLorris civilian 41-4-C - government
Clark Jos. N. USN/Landsman 1056 USS Huron government
Clark Sherman Rockwell USN/CAPT 1233 private
Clark Lawrence USN/MIDN 0362 private
Clark Henry Howard USN/CDR 1701 private
Clark Jane Washington civilian 1743 - private
Clark Thurston Booth USN/RADM 1743 private
Clark Lillian Walling civilian 1701 - private
Clarke Jared Ellison III USN/CAPT 14-5-E 1942 government
Clarke Beverly Briggs civilian 14-5-E   government
Clarke William P.O. USN/RADM 0067 1917 government
Clarke Margaret Osborne civilian 1175 - private
Clarke William USN 1561 government
Clarke Walter Lewis, Jr USN/CAPT 17-2-E 1950 government
Clarke Juliette C civilian 17-2-E - government
Clarkin Baby Girl child 0823 - government
Claude Alice child 1720 - private
Claude Alice Andrews civilian 1720 - private
Claude David Kerr USMC/Lt. Col 1697 private
Claude William Shepard Bryan USN/LT 1697 1917 private
Claude Abram USN/CAPT 1720 Navy Cross private
Clay Donald "Papa Seal" USN/CAPT 12-3-G 1935 government
Clay Elizabeth M. Gholson civilian 12-3-G - government
Clayton D. M. USN/Fireman 1st Class 1023 USS Huron government
Clemens Michael Joseph USN/LT 11-4-A 1943 government
Clement Rachel Ann child 19-3-J - government
Clifford Frank Fenton, Jr. USN/CAPT 46-4-H 1945 government
Clifford 'Lacy' Betty Latham civilian 46-4-H - government
Cloys C. L. 1559 government
Cobb J. O. USN/RADM 1612 1933 Private
Cobb William Wilson USN/CDR 14-3-J 1943 government
Cobb Jean G civilian 14-3-J - government
Cobean Warren Richardson Jr USN/cAPT 42-4-B 1947 government
Cocke Edna Russell civilian 15-3-G - government
Cockrill James Tate USN/CAPT 42-3-I 1945 government
Coddington James Arthur USN/CAPT 19-6-C 1936 government
Coddington Wilma civilian 19-6-C - government
Coffey S. J. USMC/Pvt 1038 USS Huron government
Coffin Henry USN/5MM 1448 - government
Coffman Eulalie civilian 0419 - private
Coffman DeWitt 0419 private
Coggan David Eliot USN/CDR 40-4-I 1976 government
Colahan Charles Ellwood USN/CDR 0172 Commandant private
Colahan Arabella Hersley civilian 0172 - private
Coldwell Corrine Leora Helber civilian 0114 - private
Coldwell John Ballard USN/LCDR 0114 private
Coldwell Harold child 0114 private
Cole Cecil Bundy USN/MIDN 0444 1928 private
Coleman Edward Price USN/CDR 46-4-K 1945 government
Coleman Walter Dan USN/CAPT 46-4-I 1932 government
Coleman Jean Newhall civilian 46-4-I - government
Collett Margaret Calvert civilian 0613 - private
Collett James Dahlman USN/CAPT 0613 private
Collins Frederick USN/LT 0499 1863 private
Collins Patrick USN/Fireman 1st Class 1046 USS Huron government
Collins Rose Anna civilian 0045 - private
Collins John B. USN/CMDRE 0045 private
Collins Mary Eliza Linville civilian 0122 - private
Collins Ross Forrester USN/CAPT 0122 private
Collins Isabell civilian 0045 - government
Collyns Infant child 1264 - government
Colson Peter USN 1563 government
Colton Molton Avery 0400 private
Colwell Grace Arent civilian 0427 - private
Colwell John Barr USN/VADM 0427 1931 private
Compton Virginia Calvert civilian 1703 - government
Compton James Percival USN/CAPT 1703 government
Compton Robert Evans USN/LCDR 46-4-B 1952 government
Conant Frank Hersey USN/Engineer 0379 private
Conard Adelaide Zimmerman civilian 0117   private
Condon John Pomeroy USMC/Maj. Gen 1814 1934 private
Condon Jane Anson civilian 1814 - private
Condon John Anson child 1814 - private
Cone Marie Callaghan civilian 0756 - private
Cone William Wheatley USN/CAPT 0756   private
Connolly Bartholomew Joseph III USN/CAPT 15-1-L 1943 government
Contee William J. USN 1400 - government
Contee Mary civilian 1402 - government
Cook Harriet Graham Scales civilian 1730 - private
Cook Albert George, Jr. USN/RADM 1730 1921 private
Cook Bettie B. child 0654 - private
Cook Harry Edward USN/CAPT 19-6-I 1943 government
Cook Etna Kabler civilian 19-6-I - government
Cook Lorna Megargee civilian 1685 - private
Cook Francis A. USN/RADM 0014 private
Cook J. Walter 0654 private
Cook Carrie Earle civilian 0014 - private
Cook Harold Earle USN/CAPT 1685 Commandant private
Cook Robert H USN/CDR 45-1-J 1944 government
Cook Gertrude V civilian 45-1-J - government
Cooley Hollis Moseley USN/CAPT 0555 private
Cooley Edloe Welbourn civilian 0555 - private
Cooley Hollis Welbourn USN/CAPT 17-6-F 1936 government
Cooley Carey Shands civilian 17-6-F - government
Cooney Thomas Calvin USN/CMCARP 1111 MoH government
Cooney Emma Pearl civilian 1111 - private
Cooper Joshua Winfred USN/RADM 1796 private
Cooper Thomas Joshua USAF/CAPT 1796   private
Cooper R. J. USN/Landsman 1047 USS Huron government
Cooper William Harold USN/MIDN 0224 1945 private
Cooper Rena McIntosh civilian 1796 - private
Coppedge Ann Driscoll civilian 0088 - private
Corago Frank, Jr. child 1093 - government
Corbesier Emelie civilian 0394 - private
Corbesier Antione J. USMC/LT 0394 private
Corbesier Julie Fattebert MacNamee civilian 0394 - private
Corbin Clifford T. USN/CAPT 0475 private
Corbin Alice M. civilian 0475 - private
Corboy Linda Fitzgerald civilian 16-6-J - government
Cordiner Mary Sinclair Gannon civilian 1721 - government
Corey Giles civilian 1671 - private
Corey Hope civilian 1671 - private
Corey Howard Grant USN/RADM 1671 private
Cornelius George USN/CDR 44-3-F 1943 government
Cornelius Sally Stevens civilian 44-3-F - government
Corpuz Richard Arañas USN/MIDN 0439 1979 private
Correia B. A. Tony USN/ENS 17-6-D 1993 government
Corrick Max Edward USN/LCDR 0766   government
Correnti Anthony Robert USMC/CAPT 11-6-C 1954 government
Coski Bernard Joseph USN/CDR 39-1-L 1952 government
Costet Gaston professor 0286 private
Costet Marie civilian 0286 - private
Cotten Thomas Randolph Jr USN/CAPT 40-3-J 1952 government
Counsil William Glenn USN/LT 44-5-G 1960 government
Courtois Eugene Jean Joseph French Marine 1494 - private
Coward Asbury, III and Jean S. USN/CAPT 1186 private
Cowen Craig H. USN/CDR 39-1-K 1978 government
Cox Aaron David USMC/CAPT 39-1-A 2005 government
Cox Baby child 0927 - government
Craighill Richard Starr USN/RADM 1710 1932 private
Craighill Virginia Jones civilian 1710 - private
Crane Leo O. USN/LT 0338   private
Crane Frances Sweeney Welch civilian 0338 - private
Crane John Jarvis USN/CDR 0350 private
Crane John Jarvis, Jr. child 0350 - private
Crank Robert Kyle USN/CAPT 0158 1892 private
Craven Sidney S. child 0119 - government
Craven John Landreth civilian 0119 - government
Craven John Eccleston USN/CDR 0119 government
Craven Francis Sanderson USN/CAPT 0119 government
Craven Catherine Ewing civilian 0119 government
Crawford Barbara Patricia civilian 1632 - private
Crawford Gladys Christy civilian 1632 - private
Crawford Earl Russell USN/RADM 14-2-H 1936 government
Creditt John H. USN 1367 - government
Creighton Alice Starkey civilian 0086 - private
Creighton Liles Walker USN/RADM 0086 private
Cresap Anna Leavitt civilian 0099 - private
Cresap James Cephas USN/LCDR 0099   private
Cresap James McDowell USN/LCDR 0099 private
Cronin Robert Emmet USN/RADM 1751 private
Cronin Carolyn Jane civilian 1751 - private
Cross Harry Earrington USN/Cheif Gunners Mate 1549 - government
Crowe William James Jr. USN/ADM 0308 1947 private
Crowley Vernon Eugene USN/MA2 1353 - government
Crowther Abraham 1525 private
Crumpler Baby child 1306 government
Cruz Angela T. child 1341 - private
Cryan John J. USN/CAPT 18-5-B 1944 government
Cryan Frances I. civilian 18-5-B - government
Culbertson PW Clement child 0501 - private
Culbertson Mary Haeseler civilian 0501 - private
Culbertson William Linn USN/CDR 0501 private
Cullinan Ralph Jr. USN/CAPT 15-1-F 1931 government
Cullinan Dora DeBarros civilian 15-1-F - government
Cullins Peter Kendall USN/RADM 1854 1951 private
Cullins Valaree Margaret civilian 1854 - private
Cumberland Helen Marie civilian 15-1-D - government
Cummins Douglas T. USN/LCDR 17-2-I 1947 government
Cummins Virginia Blankenship civilian 17-2-I   government
Cunningham Mary Willson civilian 1198 - private
Cunningham Thomas Donald USN/CAPT 1198 private
Currey John USN/Fireman 2nd Class 1014 USS Huron government
Curtin May Hamersley civilian 0041 - private
Curtin Roland I. USN/LCDR 0041 private
Curtis Donald USMC/Brig. Gen 0952 private
Curtis Frances T. USMC/1st Lt 0952 - private
Cushing Dana Buckley USN/CAPT 0048 - private
Cushing Iris W. civilian 0048 - private
Cushing William B. USN/CDR 1611 private
Custer Elizabeth Zeimer Hawkins civilian 1763 - private
Custer Benjamin Scott USN/RADM 1763 private
Cutchall Lee G. USN/CAPT 19-2-G 1946 government
Christensen James Eugene USAF/CAPT 36-1-B 1967 government
Clark William Barnaby USNR/CAPT 40-4-E 1961 government
Cutter Frances Leffler civilian 1270 - private
Cutter Slade USN/CAPT 1270 1931; Navy Cross private
Cox Lyle Ashton USN/CDR 39-2-J 1945 government
Cox Jane Leecraft civilian 39-2-J - government
Clarke William Price Oliver USN/LT 39-3-E 1944 government
Clarke Eugenia Mertz Hendrix civilian 39-3-E - government
Cowdrey Roy Briand USN/CAPT 39-3-F 1944 government
Caldwell Rex Smith Jr. USN/LTJG 39-4-C 1955 government
Collier Byron Henry USN/CAPT 39-5-C 1954 government
Clifford William Francis, Jr. USN/RADM 39-5-E 1948 government
Clifford Regina Mary civilian 39-5-E - government
Couillard James Profilet USN/LT 39-5-G 1954 government
Caciola Barbara E. McKay civilian 15-4-C - government
Campbell Arlington Fichtner USN/RADM 1855 1961 private
Callaghan Elizabeth Reidy civilian 1857 - private
Capriotti Pauline V. civilian 46-2-B - government
Camstra Frank Anton USAF/LT COL 38-4-J 1953 government
Carmichael John Harllee USN/CAPT 38-4-B 1936 government
Cloud Jack Martin civilian 38-3-A - government
Converse Henry Bailey USN/LT 38-2-J 1957 government
Cook Edward John USNR/CAPT 38-2-E - government
Cook Bernadette Catherine civilian 38-2-E - government
Coyle Theodore Alan USN/CAPT SC 38-1-A 1974 government
Conn Lannie, Jr. USN/LCDR 36-1-I 1952 government
Clancy Betty civilian 37-4-B - government
Clark Alan F. USNR/CAPT 37-1-A 1952 government
Clark Michael John USMC/CAPT 37-4-A 1972 government
Clarke Michael George USN/CDR MC 37-5-L 1996 government
Coulter Frank John USN/CAPT 37-2-C 1939 government
Crane Joan St. Clair civilian 0350 - private
Coughlin John Thomas USN/RADM 1861 1950 government
Corroum William Frank USAF/COL 36-3-H 1959 government
Coleman Gerard Giles USN/CDR 36-3-I 1950 government
Crawford Dorothea Knauer civilian 14-2-H - government
Caldwell Josephine Elizabeth child 0710 - government
Chamberlain Patricia W. civilian 36-5-C - government
Conner Donald Lee USN/RADM 35-1-D 1955 government
Conner Virginia Chinsley civilian 35-1-D - government
Cline John Hendrix USN/LCDR 35-2-A 1967 government
Carter Doris Cunneen civilian 35-2-F - government
Carroll Michael John USMC/1ST LT 35-3-A 1987 government
Croft Alfred Russell USN/CDR 35-3-C 1944 government
Carroll Vicky McAllister civilian 35-4-L - government
Carl Mary Jane civilian 34-1-D - government
Carter Arthur McDowell USN/CDR 35-2-F 1943 government
Connolly Marjorie Driscoll civilian 15-1-L - government
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