Burial Lookup: M

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Surname Given Name Category Lot Number USNA Class Type
MacArthur Malcolm USN/MIDN 0215 1935 private
MacCrone Pearl Ward civilian 0007 - private
MacCrone William USMC/Maj 0007 1912 private
Machesky Twins child 1261/1262 - government
MacInnis Hector J. USN/CAPT 0957   private
MacInnis Cora Vang civilian 0957 - private
Mack Ruth McMillin civilian 0240 - private
Mack William Paden USN/VADM 0240 Superintendent private
MacKown Alfred Burrell USN/CDR 43-5-E 1942 government
Madrigal Darlene child 1305 - government
Magliano Manfredo Pasquale USN/MUC 46-4-L - government
Magnell Alfred Thomas USN/CAPT 20-1-B 1933 government
Magnuson Ronald Roy USNR/CDR 44-3-J 1966 government
Maguire   child 0860 - private
Maher Joseph Benedict USN/RADM 1806 1927 private
Maher Ruth Elizabeth civilian 1806 - private
Mahone John USN/Bugler 1022 USS Huron government
Mahoney Baby girl child 1065 - government
Maire Rex Edmond USN/CDR 45-3-H 1950 government
Malcolm Everett A. Sinbad USN/CDR 17-3-J 1941 government
Malcolm Marian M. civilian 17-3-J - government
Makibbin Thomas A. USN/Seaman 1579 - government
Malcolm George USN/Machinist 1049 USS Huron government
Malenda Michelle Anne child 0728 - government
Maloney Infant child 0806 - government
Manganaro Carol Slater civilian 0384 - private
Manganaro Ralph Slater child 0384 - private
Manganaro Francis F. USN/RADM 0384   private
Mann Charles Clark USN/RADM 1667   government
Maples Houston Ledbetter USN/RADM 0398   private
Maples Marjorie Brewer civilian 0398 - private
Marable Herbert H. USN/CAPT 1235   private
Marable Virginia R. civilian 1235 - private
Maraoui Andre USN/CDR 46-5-A 1983 government
Maraoui Laura Lee civilian 46-5-A - government
March George Patrick USN/RADM 43-2-D 1947 government
March Betty Saum civilian 43-2-D - government
Marie Lucy Knox civilian 1162 - private
Marie Louis E., Jr. USMC/Col 1162   private
Marin Sherry McEwen civilian 40-1-D - government
Marion Henri   0476   private
Marks Joseph USN 17-6-A 1941 government
Marmet Robert Arthur USN/LT 40-4-C 1947 government
Marryott Ronald Frank USN/RADM 0503 Superintendent private
Marschall Albert R. USN/RADM 1750   private
Marti Thomas Joseph USN/LCDR 12-4-C 1960 government
Martin Benjamin Stillwell USN/LTJG 15-6-G 1946 government
Martin Harriett Jones civilian 15-6-G - government
Martin Baby child 0831 - government
Martin Children child 1305 - government
Martin Albert Cecil USN/Musician 1319   government
Martin Frances Dessez Furlong civilian 0482 - private
Martin Charlotte Therese Louise civilian 0482 - private
Martin Joseph USN/Captain's Steward 1012 USS Huron government
Martin John 'Jack' M. USN/CAPT 46-3-A 1944 government
Martin Claire I. civilian 46-3-A - government
Martin William Alexander Parsons USN/CAPT 0482 1920  private
Martin William Inman USN/VADM 1824 1934 private
Martin Florence N. civilian 1320 - government
Marts John William, Jr. USN/CAPT 0192   government
Marts Harold child 0192 - government
Marvell George Ralph USN/RADM 0330   private
Marvell Anna Wunkoop civilian 0330 - private
Mascitto Susan Audrey child 0979 - government
Mason Robert Edwards USN/LCDR 18-3-C 1940 government
Mason Mary Elizabeth civilian 1812 - private
Mason Bettie civilian 0212 - private
Mason Harry Charles USN/RADM 1812 1938 private
Masterson Frederick James USN/LCDR 41-1-K 1967 government
Masterson Mary Hume civilian 41-1-J - government
Mathews Corinna Fowler civilian 1615 - private
Mathews Bob Orr USN/RADM 1615   private
Mattie Dominic Lewis USN/RADM 0615   private
Mattie Edith Elizabeth Hill civilian 0615 - private
Matton William George, Jr USN/CAPT 18-2-A 1941 government
Matyskiela Joseph Anthony USN/LTjg 39-2-C 1975 government
Maughan William Patrick USAF/CAPT 41-3-D 1952 government
Mayberry Dale USN/CAPT 20-4-C 1933 government
Mayberry Helen Talbott civilian 20-4-C - government
Mayer Bill Walter USN/LTJG 16-6-E 1945 government
Mayer Billie Lewis civilian 16-6-E - government
Mayer Brantz USN/CAPT 0035   private
Mayo Isaac USN/CMDRE 0546   private
McBrayer James David USMC/COL 43-5-A 1939 government
McBrayer Helen Jean civilian 43-5-A - government
McBrayer Kenneth Miles USN/LT 12-4-H 1974 government
McBrayer Marsha K. civilian 12-4-H - government
McBride Joan Elizabeth civilian 41-1-H - government
McBride Susan Barnett Persons civilian 1637 - private
McBride Susan Frances child 1637 - private
McBride Lewis Bowen USN/CAPT 1637   private
McCallum E. A. 'Bunny' USN/CAPT 45-5-L 1948 government
McCandles Bruce USN/CDR 1179 1945; Medal of Honor; Silver Star government
McCarthy James USN/Chief Boatswain's Mate 1428 - government
McCarthy Sharon child 0941 - government
McCarthy John Linus   0036   private
McCarthy Mary Enwright civilian 0036 - private
McCarthy John Carroll USN/CAPT 20-5-F 1939 government
McCarthy Lynnette N. Mansfield civilian 20-5-F - government
McCarty Philip Gaines USN/MIDN 0507 1921 private
McCaskill Infant child 0787 - government
McClaren Wesley James USN/CAPT 41-2-E 1945 government
McClaughry Rebecca Butt civilian 0655   government
McClaughry John Glenn USN/RADM 0655   government
McClellan Parker Wilkinson USN/CAPT 41-5-E 1954 government
McClellan Thomas Rufus USN/RADM 0567 1943 private
McClintic Elizabeth Morley civilian 0325 - private
McClintic William Stanley USN/CAPT 0325   private
McCloy Thomas Shore USN/CAPT 0029   private
McClung Mrs. J. W. civilian 0306   government
McClusky Clarence Wade USN/RADM 1741   private
McClusky Ruth Goodwin Mundy civilian 1741 - private
McCollum Arthur Howard USN/CDR 40-1-J 1952 government
McCool Richard Miles Jr. USN/CAPT 41-4-G 1945; MoH government
McCorkle Francis Douglas USN/RADM 1808 1926 private
McCorkle Eleanor Goodwin civilian 1808 - private
McCormick Montrose Graham USN/LCDR 0321   private
McCormick Lynde Dupuy USN/ADM 0322   private
McCormick Lillian Sprigg civilian 0322 - private
McConnaughhay James W. USN/CAPT 43-2-A 1939 government
McConnel Robert McChesney Jr. USN/CDR 12-4-E 1943 government
McConnel Mary Davis civilian 12-4-E - government
McCraw John Lee child 0632 - government
McCoy Baby child 0742 - unmarked
McDaniel James Hale child 0732 - government
McDaniel James Hale child 0754 - government
McDaniel Mary child 0732 - government
McDonald David Lamar USN/ADM 15-4-D 1928 government
McDonald Catherine Lois civilian 15-4-D - government
McDonald Harold Wood USN/CAPT 1788   private
McDonald Jane Maxwell Hall civilian 1788 - private
McDougall Patricia Jean child 0802 - government
McDowell Percival Eaton USN/CAPT 0352   private
McDowell Willis USN/CAPT 0352   private
McDowell Azalea Kierulff civilian 0352 - private
McEathron Ellsworth D. USN/RADM 1761   government
McElroy Anne Scott civilian 42-1-J - government
McGlensey John Franklin civilian 0570 - private
McGough Doris E. Hickman civilian 43-3-D - government
McGrath Malcolm Cushing USN/CDR 15-2-K 1936 government
McInnis Angus USN/Blacksmith 0583   government
McInnis Kate B. civilian 0583 - government
McInnis Walter A. child 0583 - government
McIntrye Thomas USN 1564   government
McIntyre Lee USN/Chief Boatswain's Mate 1465 - government
McKinnon Patricia Ann child 0715 - government
McKechnie Russell Roland USN/CAPT 12-6-E 1948 government
McKechnie Ginger R. civilian 12-6-E - government
McKee Adeline Vetter civilian 0315 - private
McKee Ernst Wheeler USN/CAPT 0315   private
McKee Kinnaird Rowe USN/ADM 0204   private
McKee Betty Anne civilian 0204 - private
McKinney Eugene Bradley USN/RADM 1780 1927 private
McKinney Janet Monroe Thompson civilian 1780 - private
McKittrick Claudia Old civilian 1617 - private
McKittrick Harold Vincent USN/CAPT 1617   private
McKnight John USMC/Sgt 1518 - private
McKown Baby child 0794 - government
McLane Charles USN/Seaman 1042 USS Huron government
McLaughlin William H. USN/RADM 1800   private
McLaughlin Rita Champagne civilian 1800 - private
McLaughlin Robert F. USN/CDR 46-5-G 1951 government
McLaughlin Frona C. civilian 46-5-G - government
McLaughlin Robert J. USN/LCDR 42-2-F 1961 government
McLung J. W.   0306   government
McMahon John Rodmond Jr. USN/ENS 44-5-K 1948 government
McManes Kenmore Mathew USN/RADM 0605   private
McManes Virginia Reed civilian 0605 - private
McManus Peggy J. civilian 45-2-A - government
McMurray William C. USN/LCDR 45-3-E 1949 government
McNabney John Francis USNR/LCDR 42-5-F 1950 government
McNabney Lydia Rose civilian 42-5-F - government
McNair Agnes Duer civilian 0779 - private
McNair Frederick Vallette, Jr. USN/CAPT 0779 Medal of Honor private
McQuiston Edward Irwin USN/CAPT 1244 1921 government
McQuiston Dorthea Brewer civilian 1244 - government
McReynolds Robert Wing USN/LCDR 14-1-J 1917 government
McReynolds Nancy R. civilian 14-1-J - government
McReynolds William USMC/LTCOL 20-4-F 1941 government
McReynolds Jacqueline Jones civilian 20-4-F - government
McReynolds Ruth Marmer civilian 20-4-F - government
McRory George Whitfield Jr USAF/LTCOL 44-2-E 1941 government
McVarish Jno. USN/Or. Mr. 1110   government
McVey William Jefferson USN/CAPT 17-6-I 1944 government
McWilliams Baby child 1077 - government
Mead Gregory Gower USN/CDR 41-5-H 1972 government
Meade Randolph, Jr. USN/CAPT (SC) 11-4-C 1936 government
Melcher Lewis Monroe USN/Chief Boatswain 1125   government
Melcher Grace Elizabeth civilian 1125   government
Melson Vedah L. civilian 1723 - private
Melson Charles L. USN/VADM 1723 Superintendent 1958- 1960 private
Mendoza Baby child 1344   government
Menefee Frank Ford USN/CDR 43-5-L 1937 government
Meneke Kenneth E. USN/CAPT 18-6-E 1933 government
Meneke Florence M. civilian 18-6-E - government
Menke Kurt William USN/CDR 45-3-D 1985 government
Mentz George William USN/CDR 0602   private
Mentz Erica Pochon civilian 0696 - private
Mentz Florence Livingston Millen civilian 0602 - private
Mentz George Francis USN/RADM 0696   private
Mercer Preston V. USN/RADM 0645   private
Mercer Katherine Kyle civilian 0645 - private
Merrell Frances Tyler civilian 0183 - private
Merrell John Porter USN/RADM 0183   private
Merriam Greenlief A. USN/CAPT 1639   private
Merriam Martin Edward civilian 1639 - private
Merriam Helen B. civilian 1639 - private
Merrick Robert Hall Jr. USN/CAPT 15-4-F 1945 government
Merrick Martha "Babs" Barker civilian 15-4-F - government
Merrill Grayson USN/CAPT 0063   private
Merrill Marguerite Mason Civilian 1218 - government
Merrill Robert T. USCGR/CAPT 1218   government
Merrill M. M. civilian 1218 - unmarked
Merrill Norman W. USA/Major 0268   private
Merrill Amy Mantor Rust civilian 0268 - private
Merrill Hugh Wilson civilian 0063 - private
Merrill Norman E USCG/CDR 0268   private
Merrill Marye civilian 0063 - private
Mertz Albert USN/RADM 1651 1872 private
Mertz Mary Germain civilian 1651 - private
Meschter Alice Beary civilian 1601 - private
Metcalf Joseph, III USN/VADM 1867 1951 private
Metzger Lewis William III USN/CAPT 19-5-J 1943 government
Meyer Donald James USN/CAPT 16-1-E 1954 government
Meyer Mary Kinney civilian 16-1-E - government
Meyer William Rhett USN/CAPT 15-4-K 1940 government
Michael Judith Anne civilian 42-5-L - government
Michaels John Richard USN/LT 11-5-F 1954 government
Michaels Robert 'Bob' John USN/CDR 12-4-K 1952 government
Michaels Georgia Sue Swartz civlilian 12-4-K - government
Michelet Eleanor Fawell civilian 0246 - private
Miles Charles R. USN/LT 0267   private
Miles Elizabeth Gilmer Tyler civilian 0267 - private
Miles Alfred Hart USN/CAPT 0267   private
Miles Lion Tyler civilian 0267   private
Millar Donald Bush USN/CAPT 14-6-H 1944 government
Millen Artie Levy USN/Chief Gunner's Mate 1581 - government
Miller Edgar E. "Rip" USN/CDR 19-6-E - government
Miller Edward George USN/CAPT 45-5-C 1941 government
Miller Edwin Swain USN/RADM 19-5-H 1933 government
Miller Frances Reynolds civilian 19-5-H - government
Miller John Edward USN/Chief Boatswain's Mate 1500 - government
Miller William Stanley, Jr. child 0815 - government
Miller Merrill USN/RADM 0380   private
Miller Shirley Snow USN/RADM 0661   private
Miller Mary Giffen civilian 0661 - private
Miller Carrie Colton civilian 0375 - private
Miller George Harold USN/RADM 0688 1933 private
Miller Jane B. civilian 0701 - private
Miller Charles K. USN 0701   private
Miller Sarah Katherine civilian 0380 - private
Miller Conrad USMC 1522   government
Miller Carol Bell civilian 1291 - government
Miller Carlos Al USN/LT 1795 1980 private
Miller Stanley William child 0796 - government
Miller Wallace J. USN/RADM 0302   private
Miller Adolph Jerome USN/CAPT 1291   government
Miller William R., Jr. USN/MIDN 0626 1972 government
Miller Baby child 0836 - private
Milligan Robert Wiley USN/RADM 0105   private
Milligan Mollie W. civilian 0105 - private
Milner Frederick W. USN/LCDR 0490   private
Mimms Bernard F., Jr. USMC/CAPT 1831 1985 private
Mincar Alexander P   0200   government
Miner John Odgers USN/RADM 1609 1931 private
Miner Juliet Campbell civilian 1609 - private
Mingay John Inman USN/CDR 15-2-I 1937 government
Minter Mary Skeeham civilian 0568 - private
Minter Charles Stamps USN/VADM 0568 Commandant; Superintendent private
Mitchell Ellen Stewart civilian 0294 - government
Mitchell Ray Andes USN/CAPT 20-1-F 1927 government
Mize Charles Davis USMC/Maj. Gen 1848 1945 private
Mize Martha Ann Moore civilian 1848 - private
Moale Edward USN/LT 0364   private
Moccia Infant child 0921 - government
Mode Joan Ann child 0786 - government
Moffett George Hall USN/LT 20-6-B 1928 government
Moffett Helen E. civilian 20-6-B - government
Momsen Charles Bowers Jr. USN/CAPT 46-1-A 1942 government
Monroe Gerry Ellis child 1257 - government
Monroe James Milton child 0851 - private
Montague Daniel USN/Chief Boatswain 0600 MoH private
Montague Margaret Anne civilian 0600 - private
Montalod P. Ford   0478   private
Montor Karel Professor Emeritas 15-4-J - government
Moore Ben Adams Jr USMC/LTCOL 41-2-J 1048 government
Moore Edward Peerman USN/RADM 0513   private
Moore Barbara Bingham civilian 0513   private
Moore Robert Lee, Jr. USN/RADM 0388 1930 private
Moore Dorothy Davis civilian 0388 - private
Moore William Clay USN/LCDR 15-2-L 1939 government
Moore Dorothy Elizabeth civilian 15-2-L - government
Moore Lester Jr. USN/LT 39-3-B 1946 government
Moors William USN/Oiler 1134   government
Moran Carol Ann civilian 18-6-D - government
Morgan Alice Frances civilian 17-4-A - government
Morgan Stokeley USN/LCDR 0123   private
Morgan Eleanor Williams civilian 0123 - private
Morgan Hazel Stone civilian 1663 - private
Morgan Gail USN/CMDRE 1663 1916 private
Morrison Donald P. USN/LT 1634   private
Morrison Infant child 1260 - government
Morrison Joe Ralph USN/LCDR 0540   private
Morrison John Harry Jr. USN/LT 45-4-K 1953 government
Morrissey Helen Blair civilian 0032 - private
Morrissey Earl Richard USN/CAPT 0032 1912 private
Morrow Barbara Cunningham civilian 41-3-A - government
Morrow LaDonna Rae child 1305 - government
Morse Albert USN 1562   government
Morton G. J. USMC 1574   government
Morton Thomas Howard USN/RADM 0154 1933 private
Morton Susan Fass civilian 0154 - private
Morton Grace Howard civilian 0069 - government
Mosier Gregory Paul child 0875 - government
Moses Charles William USN/RADM 0596   private
Moses Valerie Walsh civilian 0596 - private
Mott Carleton E. USN/CAPT 0695   private
Mott Catherine Lindell civilian 0695   private
Moulton Bernard Webster USN/CAPT 40-2-B 1943 government
Moyer Robert Lutes USN/CDR 0698   government
Muck Floyd Robert USN/CAPT 44-4-I 1950 government
Muhlenfeld Edward USN/CAPT 46-3-L 1940 government
Muhlenfeld Marguerite Baum civilian 46-3-L - government
Muhs Infant child 0923 - private
Mullen John Jr USNR/LCDR 43-1-H 1945 government
Mumma Carmen B. civilian 1829 - private
Mumma Albert G. USN/RADM 1829   private
Mumma David B. civilian 1830 - private
Muncie Maurice Oscar USN/CAPT 17-5-E 1947 government
Muncie D. Jeanne Buckley civilian 17-5-E - government
Munroe R. USN/Apothecary 1054 USS Huron government
Murphy Frank Michael USN/CDR 40-2-K 1976 government
Murphy Linda Mason civilian 1812 - private
Murphy John Francis USN/CDR 0290   private
Murphy Mary Ruth Boucher civilian 0290 - private
Murphy Earl Francis child 0290 - private
Murphy Mary E. civilian 0577 - private
Murphy Charles J. USN/Chief Boatswain 0577 - private
Murphy Walter Patrick USN/CAPT 14-2-D 1941 government
Murphy Ruth Guenter civilian 14-2-D - government
Murray Alex USMC/Sgt. 1032 USS Huron government
Murray Hugh Q. 'Fid' USN/CAPT 11-4-D 1934 government
Muse George Read USN/RADM 12-5-L 1938 government
Muse Mary Jane civilian 12-5-L - government
Musil Infant child 0939 - government
Mustin Emily Morton G. civilian 0147 - private
Mustin Lloyd Montague USN/VADM 0147   private
Muth Edward George USN/ENS 1114   private
Myers John Neville USN/CAPT 1820 1933 private
Myers Barbara Ann civilian 1820 - private
Murphy James Myers civilian 0290 - private
Myers Richard Louis USN/CAPT 15-2-E 1936 government
Myers Golda M. civilian 15-2-E - government
Myhre Jeannette Edgerton civilian 1658 - government
Myhre Floyd B. T. USN/CAPT 1658   government
Myhre Bobby Jewell civilian 1658 - government
Montgomery William Morgan USN/CAPT 37-5-G 1942 government
Masterson James Aaron USN/CAPT 41-1-J 1938 government
MacKown Irene Ruth Trumpa civilian 43-5-E - government
McMurry Leanne civilian 36-1-D - government
Montgomery Howard H. USN/CDR 37-5-F 1941 government
Meyer Nan Bisland civilian 15-4-K - government
McIntire Harrison Perry USN/CAPT 39-2-I 1935 government
McIntire Anita Marie Allio civilian 39-2-I - government
Marfiak Patricia H. civilian 1862   - private
Martin Sam Thornton Jr. USN/LT 38-3-H 1951 government
McArthur Paul Enoch USNR/CDR 38-3-D 1940 government
McGanka Steven William USN/CAPT 38-1-D 1959 government
McGowan Thomas Seton USN/LT 38-2-L 1998 government
Murphree Hugh Dyer USN/CAPT 38-1-F 1945 government
Murphree Peggy Mayer civilian 38-1-F - government
Murphy Robert James USMC/CAPT 38-2-C 1950 government
Marzluff Elizabeth Polli civilian 37-2-L - government
McCord Stanley Roy USN/CAPT 37-5-B 1945 government
Meinicke Thomas Alfred USN/RADM 36-2-B 1960 government
Meehan Elizabeth Keating civilian 36-1-J - government
Maruszewski Mary Kay Fettig civilian 36-2-C - government
McElduff Daniel A. USN/CDR 0294 1909 government
McElduff Ellen Stewart Mitchell civilian 0294 - government
Mitchell Leland Gayle USN/CAPT EDO 36-3-E 1952 government
McKinney John Adams USN/ENS 37-3-K 1946 government
Murphy Ralph F., Jr. USN/RADM 1840 1949 private
Murphy Mary Louise civilian 1840 - private
Martin Walter Francis USN/CDR 36-4-C 1944 government
Martin Josephine Currie civilian 36-4-C - government
McNitt Robert Waring USN/RADM 1734 1938 private
McNitt Barbara MacMurray civilian 1734 - private
Moore William Hanson, IV USNR/LT 36-4-I 1955 government
Montgomery Marion Saunders civilian 37-5-G - government
Mink Robert Owen USN/CAPT 43-3-C 1943 government
Mink Frances Baldwin civilian 43-3-C - government
Morrison Glenn Raymond, Jr. USAF/LT COL 36-4-H 1959 government
Morrison Carolyn Gill civilian 36-4-H - government
Myslinski Stephen Victor USNR/CDR 36-4-L 1992 government
McMillan Louis Kelly USNR/CAPT 36-5-E 1952 government
Meehan Clement Thomas USNR/CAPT SC 36-1-J 1965 government
McMurry William S. USNR/CAPT 36-1-D 1969 government
Matton Nevett Steele civilian 18-2-A - government
McMillan Michael Moore USAF/COL 35-1-E 1961 government
McLellon Naomi B. Waller civilian 35-1-G - government
Moyer Donald Robert USN/CDR 34-1-C 1951 government
Marks Arthur Donald USN/CDR 34-1-E 1927 government
Marks Medora Compton civilian 34-1-E - government
Murphy Thomas Patrick USN/LT 34-2-L 1965 government
Morrow Nancy Gosnell civilian 34-4-A - government
Marin William Thomas USN/CAPT 40-1-D 1951 government
McMahon Elizabeth M. civilian 44-5-K - government
Marzluff Joseph Oscar USN/CAPT 37-2-L 1945 government
Marmet Barbara Driscoll civilian 40-4-C - government
Murphy Molly Dorsett civilian 38-2-C - government
McManus Edward A. USN/CAPT 45-2-A 1948 government
McElroy John Bowne USN/CDR 42-1-J 1944 government
Meade Audrey Phyllis Lloyd civilian 11-4-C - government
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