Burial Lookup: Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients

*Note: a blank field indicates unknown information.

Surname Given Name Category Lot Number USNA Class Type
Cooney Thomas Calvin USN/ CM Carpenter 1111 MoH government
Fluckey Eugene B. "Gene" USN/ RADM 41-1-A MoH niche
Kidd Isaac Campbell USN/ RADM 0566 MoH private
McCandless Bruce USN/ Cmdr 1179 MoH government
McCool Richard Miles USN/ CAPT 41-4-G MoH niche
McNair Frederick Vallette USN/ Capt 0779 MoH private
Montague Daniel USN/ Chief Boatswain 0600 MoH private
Sommers Robert USN/ Lt 0590 MoH government
Stockdale James Bond USN/ VADM 0307 MoH private
Upshur William Peterkin USMC/ Maj Gen 0440 MoH private
Wainwright Richard, Jr. USN/ Cmdr 0023 MoH private
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