Burial Lookup: Selected Notable People of Interest

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Surname Given Name Category Lot Number Importance Type
Alger Philip Rounseville USN/Mathematics Professor 1638 Famous USNA professor private
Ballard Henry E. USN/CMDRE 0450 War of 1812 Naval Hero private
Beach Edward Latimer USN/CAPT 2100 Class of 1939; Navy Cross; Author of best-seller Run Silent, Run Deep (1955) private
Burke Arleigh Albert USN/ADM 1713 Class of 1923; Famous Admiral, CNO 1955-61 private
Calvert James Francis USN/VADM 0256 Class of 1943; Silver Star; Two Bronze Stars; Superintendent  
Clark Henry Howard USN/CDR 1701 Famous USNA Chaplain private
Corbesier Antione J. USMC/1st Lt 0394 USNA Sword Master, 1865-1915 private
Crowe William James Jr. USN/ADM 0308 Class of 1947; Bronze Star; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1985-1989) private
Cushing William B. USN/CDR 1611 Famous Civil War Naval Officer private
Dashiell Paul Joseph USN/CAPT 1711 Famous USNA professor; football coach and referee private
Ellyson Theodore Gordon USN/CDR 0557 Class of 1905; US Naval Aviator number 1 private
Flagg Darlene civilian 1834 Killed in attack on the Pentagon, September 11, 2001 private
Flagg Wilson F. USN/RADM 1834 Class of 1961; Killed in attack on the Pentagon, September 11, 2001 private
Fuller Ben Hebard USMC/Maj. Gen 0369 Class of 1889; Commandant of USMC private
Goodrich Caspar Frederick USN/RADM 0066 Class of 1865; A founder of Naval War College private
Halligan John USN/RADM 0263 Class of 1898; First Director of Navy Post Graduate School private
Kimmel Husband Edward USN/ADM 0243 Class of 1904; Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet on December 7, 1941  
King Ernest Joseph USN/Fleet Admiral 1177 Class of 1901; Fleet Admiral, CNO 1942-45 private
Knight Austin Melvin USN/RADM 0241 Class of 1873; Author of Modern Seamanship private
Mayo Isaac USN/COMO 0546 A founder of the USNA; War of 1812 Naval Hero private
McClusky Clarence Wade USN/ RADM 1741 Class of 1926; Led air attack at the Battle of Midway private
McInnis Angus USN/Blacksmith 0583 Lowest ranking individual in the USNA Cemetery government
Miles Alfred Hart USN/CAPT 0267 Class of 1907; Author of original verses of "Anchors Aweigh" private
Reeves Joseph Mason USN/ADM 1584 Class of 1894; Pioneer in Naval Aviation; Invented the football helmet private
Ripley John Walter USMC/COL   Class of 1962; Navy Cross for Bridge at Dong Ha; Silver Star; Purple Heart  
Stockdale James Bond USN/VADM 0307 Class of 1947; Medal of Honor; Senior POW (1965-1973) at "Hanoi Hilton"; Vice Presidential Candidate for Ross Perot (Class of 1953) private
Wright Anne St. Clair Smith civilian 1656 Founder and leader of Historic Annapolis private
Zimmerman Charles A. professor 0349 Composer of "Anchors Aweigh" private
Zumwalt Elmo Russell, Jr. USN/ADM 0382 Class of 1943; Bronze Star; Presidential Medal of Freedom; Chief of Naval Operations private
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