Burial Lookup: S

*Note: a blank field indicates unknown information.

Surname Given Name Category Lot Number USNA Class Type
Sabalot Abel C. J. USN/CAPT 1209   private
Sabalot Janet Latane Bagby civilian 1209 - private
Sachse Lucy Ann child 0840 - private
Sage Geoffrey E. USN/CAPT 19-2-I 1921 government
Sage Mary Lilly civilian 19-2-I - government
Sailor Albert USN/Ordnance Gunner 1045 USS Huron government
Salafia Joseph USN/MU2 1479   private
Salafia Francesco child 1478 - government
Salafina Rosina Calafiore civilian 1480 - government
Sandeford William Hill USN/CAPT 15-1-G 1946 government
Sandeford Geraldine Helmbold civilian 15-1-G - government
Sandkuhler William 'Sandy' USN/LCDR SC 46-1-E 1949 government
Sandkuhler Maureen A. civilian 46-1-E - government
Saunders David McKeon USN/CAPT 18-6-B 1945 government
Saunders Elizabeth Rosasco civilian 18-6-B - government
Saunders Carol Hoke civilian 18-6-B - government
Saunders Eleanore Kyle civilian 0646 - private
Saunders William V. USN/RADM 1168   government
Saunders Marie civilian 1151 - government
Saunders Willard Arthur USN/RADM 0646   private
Saxten John Alexander USMC/COL 44-4-B 1938 government
Saxten LeClaire Joyce civilian 44-4-B - government
Scales Archibald Henderson USN/RADM 1729   private
Scales Harriet Pierce Graham civilian 1729 - private
Schacht Kenneth George USN/CAPT 1069   private
Schacht Elizabeth McNerney civilian 1069 - private
Schanze Edwin Stansbury, Jr. child 1771 & 1772 - private
Schanze Marie Louise Moran civilian 1771 & 1772 - private
Schanze Edwin Stansbury USN/RADM 1771 & 1772   private
Schell Franklin J. USN/LCDR 0162   private
Schell Gay Warren Miller civilian 0162   private
Schell William Franklin   0162   private
Schenk Robert C.   1620   private
Schenk Caspar USN/Pay Director 1620   private
Schenk Mary Frances Seawell civilian 1620 - private
Schenkel Robert Kenny USN/LT 14-6-A 1948 government
Schettino Joseph Nicholas USN/LT 41-2-K 1950 government
Schlech Barbara Bowser civilian 1775 - private
Schlech Frederick, Jr. USN/RADM 1775   private
Schlenzig Robert Edward USN/CAPT 13-3-C 1954 government
Schmidt Dorothy G. civilian 1157 - private
Schmidt J. Sneed USN/CAPT 1157   private
Schneider Margaret Grace Croke civilian 1180 - private
Schneider Raymond John, Sr. USN/RADM 1180 1940 private
Schneider Marion Sheehan Daly civilian 1847 - private
Schneider Frederick Henry USN/VADM 1847 1937 private
Schneider Charles USN/Coxswain 1026 USS Huron government
Schnurr Frederick Anthony USN/LT 46-2-L 1944 government
Schnurr Jane Ann civilian 46-2-L - government
Schoenfeld William August USN/CDR 18-2-B 1942 government
Schoenfeld Vira Patton civilian 18-2-B - government
Schouler Hope Day civilian 1642 - private
Schouler John USN/RADM 1642   private
Schoup Baby child 0396 - government
Schrader Albert Ernst USN/CAPT 1732   private
Schrader Argentina Mana Delgado civilian 1732 - private
Schratz Paul Richard USN/CAPT 17-2-K 1939 government
Schratz Henrietta Frank civilian 17-2-K - government
Schreyer Jno USN 1560   government
Schroeder Joseph Herman USNR/CAPT 44-4-C 1945 government
Schroeder Phyllis Charles civilian 44-4-C - government
Schuknecht Arnold Robert USN/CDR 15-3-H 1947 government
Schuller Gordon Joseph USN/RADM 12-2-K 1951 government
Schuller Anita Florinda civilian 12-2-K - government
Schultz Irene Barbara USN/LT NC 44-5-D - government
Schulz Quinley Robert USN/CAPT 42-4-H 1945 government
Schulz Jane Dundas Fay civilian 42-4-H - government
Schumacher Theodore Leon USN/CAPT 0586   private
Schumacher Elizabeth Thomas civilian 0586 - private
Schurr Gina Mary child 0810 - government
Schwab Philip Beebe USN/MIDN 0215 1969 private
Schwab Annie T. civilian 0126 - unmarked
Sclichter Faye Brookens civilian 44-4-E - government
Scott Wallace Edward child 0903 - government
Scott Dwayne Eddie child 0976 - government
Scott Dwight Edward child 0976 - government
Scott David Darwin USN/CAPT 45-1-C - government
Scott Harriett Elaine civilian 45-1-C - government
Scott George Winfield, Jr USN/CAPT 16-6-D 1939 government
Scott Lawrence Alden USN/LT 14-3-H 1954 government
Scull Gifford USN/CAPT 18-5-C 1930 government
Scull Kathleen Sinclair civilian 18-5-C - government
Seabring C. Samuel USN/CAPT 0201   private
Seabring Dorthea Cooper civilian 0201 - private
Seacord Richard Earl USN/LCDR 39-2-F 1944 government
Seeburger John E., Jr USMC/MAJ 16-2-F 1959 government
Seeger Abby Jo civilian 12-3-H - government
Seiver Baby Girl child 0930 - unmarked
Seiver Baby Boy Jack child 0791 - unmarked
Servis Baby child 0789 - government
Sexton Horatio Clay USN/CAPT 1194   private
Sexton Horatio Clay, Jr. civilian 1194 - private
Sexton Ruth Montgomery civilian 1194 - private
Seymour Isaac Knight USN/LCDR 0193   private
Seymour Harry Augustus USN/CAPT 1755   private
Seymour Helen Leigh civilian 0193 - private
Seymour Jean Thompson civilian 1755 - private
Seymour Jack M. USN/CAPT 20-4-D 1935 government
Seymour Elise Dubois civilian 20-4-D - government
Shaddeau Patricia Ann civilian 14-5-A   government
Shaefer Henry William USN/LT 0453   private
Shafer Richard Warren USN/CAPT 12-2-G 1940 government
Shaffer John Clay USN 15-3-C 1937 government
Shaffer Vivian N civilian 15-3-C - government
Shapiro Robert H. civilian 45-4-F - government
Shapiro Sumner USN/RADM 0342 1949 private
Sharps Edward USN/Cabin Cook 1403 - government
Sharp Walter Doyle USN/CAPT 0093   private
Sharp Louise Hollyday Campbell civilian 0093 - private
Shaw Harry Herberner   1393   private
Shaw Sarah Sutton civilian 1393 - private
Sheehan James USN/MIDN 0242 1892 private
Sheehan William Francis, Jr USN/CDR 17-6-L 1952 government
Sheehan Avonne Gladys civilian 17-6-L - government
Sheehan Sue Davis civilian 46-6-C - government
Sheehy Edward Joseph USN/LCDR 42-4-D 1946 government
Sheffield Mary child 0392 - private
Shelton Mary E. Jones civilian 1127 - government
Shelton Samuel USN/Chief Boatswain's Mate 1127   government
Shepard Andrew Gilbert USN/RADM 19-2-L 1917 government
Sherby Sydney Samuel USN/CAPT 14-4-G 1936 government
Sherby Jane Edwards civilian 14-4-G - government
Sherwin Sidney Allyn USN/CAPT 46-6-F 1940 government
Sherwin Jane Woodward civilian 46-6-F - government
Sherwood Wilbur Gordon USN/CDR 46-5-L 1944 government
Shifley Ralph Louise USN/VADM 1289 1933 private
Shifley Frances Ellen Norman civilian 1289 - private
Shine Eugene F. USN/CAPT 42-5-G 1949 government
Shine Joan E. civilian 42-5-G   government
Shirley John Beverly USN/CAPT 13-2-E 1938 government
Shjourdan E. A. and wife   0610 - private
Short Earl Richard USN/LT 45-2-C 1949 government
Shriver Norman William USN/CAPT 45-1-I 1958 government
Shugg Sybil Carpenter civilian 0015 - private
Shupper Barbara Baty civilian 0564 - private
Shupper Burton H. USN/RADM 0564   private
Sickel Horatio Gates IV USN/CAPT 0260   private
Sickel Frances Ball civilian 0260 - private
Sieberman Frank USN/HA1 1315   government
Sieglaff William Bernard USN/RADM 0700 1931 private
Sieglaff Ruth Maynard civilian 0700 - private
Sierer Payson Dwight Jr USN/CAPT 40-2-J 1952 government
Signor Matt Howland USN/CAPT 0056   government
Sigsbee Charles Dwight, Jr. USN/ENS 0527   private
Sigsbee Eleanor child 0527 - private
Sigsbee Eliza Rogers civilian 0527 - private
Silver Mary Ann civilian 1152 - government
Silver Robert P.   0579   private
Silver Susannah civilian 0579 - private
Simanikas Denise Marie child 0719 - government
Simer Joanna F. USN/MIDN 1826 2000 private
Simmon Baby child 1475 - government
Simons Donald W. USN/CAPT 41-5-A 1952 government
Simons Louise Lampe civilian 41-5-A - government
Simpson Edward USN/RADM 1695   private
Simpson Camilla M. Ridgely civilian 1695 - private
Simpson Samuel Randolph Jr USN/CAPT 41-5-F 1945 government
Sims John Hensel USN/CAPT 46-3-D 1940 government
Sims Julia Greenbank civilian 46-3-D - government
Sims Lottie civilian 0582 - private
Sims William civilian 0582 - private
Sims William E. 'Pappy' USN/CAPT 44-2-A 1942 government
Sims Martha Whigham civilian 44-2-A - government
Singleton Hura Mae child 1305 - government
Sisson Luther Boyd USN/CAPT 20-2-D 1947 government
Sjogren Birger USN/Coxwain 1535 - government
Skinner Steven Gregory II child 16-6-G - government
Skoch Barbara civilian 0609 - government
Skoch Emile USMC/Pvt 0609 - government
Skoch Thomas USN/Musician 0609   government
Skubi Jason Kenneth USN/LTjg 19-3-E 1987 government
Slaven Anne Redmond civilian 1282 - government
Slaven Franklin Wilbur USN/CAPT 1282   government
Slayton Charles Churchill USN/CAPT 0180 1907 - Navy Cross private
Slayton Morgan USN/CAPT 0180 1933 - Bronze Star government
Slayton Polly P. civilian 0180 - unmarked
Slivka Joseph Paul USN/CDR 17-2-C 1942 government
Sloan Robert Wesley USN/LT 40-4-D 1947 government
Sloan Marilyn Pfingsten civilian 40-4-D - government
Slocum Winfield Scott III USN/CDR 20-4-E 1943 government
Slusser Baby Boy child 0910 - government
Small James Dickerman USN/CAPT 14-1-I 1942 government
Small Margaret Hocker civilian 14-1-I - government
Small Walter Lowry USN/RADM 1869   private
Small Jane Harris civilian 1869 - private
Smalley 'Coach' USMCR/LTCOL 42-3-G 1957 government
Smallman John USMC/LT COL 13-4-B 1956 government
Smart Henry USN/Chief Master at Arms 1455 - government
Smedberg Baby child 0731 - government
Smellow Morris USN/RADM 19-3-D 1923 government
Smellow Minnie L. civilian 19-3-D - government
Smith Beatrice Pierre child 0576 - private
Smith Lydia C. civilian 0576 - private
Smith William G. USN/Mate 0576 - private
Smith Hinton Ira USN/CAPT 14-2-C 1934 government
Smith Mary McLagan civilian 14-2-C - government
Smith James Herbert Jr USN/RADM 45-1-A 1939 government
Smith Martha Walsh civilian 45-1-A - government
Smith Jean Truss civilian 39-1-B - government
Smith Joseph Collins USN/CAPT 45-5-K 1953 government
Smith Phyllis Ann civilian 45-5-K - government
Smith Kenneth USN/LCDR 17-4-H 1944 government
Smith Patricia civilian 17-4-H - government
Smith Homer Leroy USN/CAPT 1746   private
Smith Lawrence Warren III USMC/COL 44-2-G 1968 government
Smith Leonard Gregory, Jr. USN/CDR 43-5-J 1943 government
Smith Ben USN/Chief Machinist 1118   government
Smith E. D.   1137   unmarked
Smith John M. USN 1087   government
Smith Jennie Nadine civilian 45-4-H - government
Smith Paul Bridges USN/CAPT 45-3-G 1942 government
Smith Infant child 0978 - government
Smith William H. USN/Quartermaster Gunner 1308   private
Smith Julia A. civilian 1308 - private
Smith Baby child 1079 - unmarked
Smith Richard M. USN/CAPT 17-3-I 1963 government
Smith Riitta A. Kuulusa civilian 17-3-I - government
Smith Albert USN/Landsman 1371 - government
Smith Christopher Joseph child 0966 - government
Smith Sarah Howard civilian 1155 - private
Smith Laura Oates civilian 41-3-F - government
Smith Richard Somers civilian 0441 - private
Smith Charles Earle USN/CAPT 1717   private
Smith Allan E. USN/VADM 1782 1915 government
Smith Margaret E. civilian 1782   government
Smith Mary Howard civilian 1717 - private
Smith William Briggs USN/Chief Pharmacist's Mate 1545 - government
Smith William Taylor USN/CAPT 0391   private
Smith Cecilia Marion civilian 0441 - private
Smith Ellen Wallace civilian 0391 - private
Smith Arthur St. Clair USN/RADM 1587   private
Smith Ellen Marion civilian 0441 - private
Smith Anne Salley civilian 1587 - private
Smith Oscar USN/CMDRE 1592   private
Smith Louise Gautier civilian 1592 - private
Smith Betty Gautier Civilian 1592 - private
Smith Virginia Elizabeth civilian 0539 - private
Smith Richard Somers professor 0441   private
Smith Gurney St. Clair civilian 0441 - private
Smith James Thorn USN/CMDRE 0068   government
Smith William Ward USN/VADM 0539   private
Smith Elizabeth Purdy civilian 0539 - private
Smith Infant child 0803 - government
Smith Raymond Campbell III USN/CAPT 12-3-L 1934 government
Smith Annis Gould civilian 12-3-L - government
Smusyn Nicholas William USNR/CDR 45-4-L 1948 government
Snackenberg John Arthur USN/RADM 1205   private
Snackenberg Phyllis P. civilian 1205 - private
Snead Leonard J. USN/RADM 1833   private
Snead Elizabeth Sandruck civilian 1833 - private
Snively Abram B. III USN/CDR 45-2-G 1953 government
Snyder Edwin K. USN/VADM 17-5-D 1944 government
Snyder Nancy McCarty civilian 17-5-D - government
Snyder Ned C. USN/CAPT 12-3-D 1953 government
Snyder William H. USMC 1452   government
Snyder Augustus K.   1135   private
Soledad Philip Joseph child 0724 - government
Somerby Leslie Glenn child 0827 - private
Sommerlatte Karl Ewald USN/LTjg 44-2-D 1946 government
Sommers Robert USN/LT 0590 Medal  of Honor government
Sommers Arvilla Wells civilian 0590   government
Soucek Archie H. USN/CAPT 43-2-K 1937 government
Soucek Mary Carpenter civilian 43-2-K - government
Sowell Deborah Lynn child 0798 - government
Sowell Michael Andrew child 0924 - private
Spanagel D. D. J. USN/LT 1742   private
Spanagel Herman A. USN/RADM 1742   private
Spanagel Frances M. Jones civilian 1742 - private
Speas Renee Ann child 0712 - government
Spears Edward Bruce, Jr. child 0895 - government
Spencer Julian Murray Confederate States Navy/LT 0106   government
Spencer Elizabeth Carmichael civilian 0106   government
Spencer Ross Betrand USN/CAPT 17-5-I 1941 government
Sperberg Mary Jane civilian 43-3-K - government
Speyers Arthur Bayard USN/RADM 0049   private
Spicer William F. USMC/Lt. Col 0371   government
Spofford Evelyn Louise Pietroski civilian 0194 - private
Spofford Children children 0194 - private
Spofford Richard Tenney USN/CAPT 0194 1930 private
Sprince Richard Hinden USN/LT 44-3-H 1948 government
Springer Frank Gustav USN/CAPT 46-3-J 1936 government
Sprung Emmett E. USN/CAPT 1748   government
Sprung Mary Keene civilian 1748 - private
St. John Sheldon Curtis USN/CAPT 14-1-G 1938 government
Stacey Gerald Abbey USN/LT 19-5-E 1922 government
Stacey Herriet Baldwin civilian 19-5-E - government
Stacey John Lyle USN/CDR 45-5-B 1957 government
Stackemann Catherine B. civilian 1499 - government
Stackemann John USN/Chief Carpenter's Mate 1498 - government
Stahl Lawrence Edwin USN/CAPT 14-6-G 1946 government
Stanford Brian Roy child 0838 - government
Stanford Norman R. K USMC/COL 19-4-E 1944 government
Stanton William USN/1 C. F. 1020 USS Huron government
Staples Ethel Jewell child 1493 - private
Starbecker Eugene Norman USNR/LT 41-2-L - government
Stark Harry Boger USN/CAPT 16-1-J 1936 government
Stark Virginia Coppage civilian 16-1-J - government
Starnes William Henry USN/MIDN 0628 1966 government
Steele Charlotte civilian 0447 - government
Steele Marshall Kemble USN/CAPT MC 20-2-C - government
Steele Robert Dache USN/CAPT 14-1-D 1945 government
Steele Betty Lou civilian 14-1-D - government
Steelnack Robert A. USN/LCDR 42-3-H 1957 government
Stegemerten Walter William USMC/COL 14-2-J 1942 government
Stein Elizabeth Anne child 0725 - government
Steinhagen Paul William USN/RADM 1726   private
Steinhagen Cecilia R. civilian 1726 - private
Steinhagen Charles Anthony civilian 1726 - private
Steinhagen William H.   0090   private
Steinhagen Paul William, Jr. USN/LT 1726   private
Steinhagen Evangeline Bellis civilian 0090 - private
Stepaniak John Michael child 17-3-D - government
Stephens Daniel P. USN/LCDR 0261   government
Stephens William Paul USN/RADM 1779   private
Stephens Hilda Spears civilian 1779 - private
Stephenson C B 'Steve' USN/CDR 43-2-H 1945 government
Stephenson June Dunaway civilian 43-2-H - government
Stevens Lemuel M. USN/CAPT 1144 1907 private
Stevens Blanche R. civilian 1144 - private
Stevenson Donald Warren USN/CDR 11-3-C 1954 government
Stevenson Robert Woodrow III USN/LT 18-3-B 1986 government
Stevenson Thomas Adlai USAF/COL 43-3-F 1967 government
Stewart Milton Edwards USN/CDR 19-6-A 1942 government
Stewart William S. III USN/CAPT 17-5-J 1945 government
Stockdale James Bond USN/VADM 0307 1946; Medal of Honor private
Stockdale Sybil Bailey civilian 0307 - private
Stockman David Twogood USAF/COL 19-2-H 1951 government
Stockman Lucia Ann civilian 19-2-H - government
Stokes Robert Hammond child 0784 - government
Stone Annie civilian 0405 - government
Stone Esther K. S. civilian 0015 - private
Stone Marguerite Ridgaway King civilian 1234 - private
Stone Lester Jay USN/CAPT 1234 1934 private
Stone S. Bernardine civilian 1769 - private
Stone John G. M. USN/CAPT 1769   private
Stone Raymond USN/CDR 0015   private
Stone Robert S. USN/CAPT 46-6-E 1947 government
Stone Mikie Irene civilian 46-6-E - government
Strain Isaac G. USN/LT 0551   private
Strang Frederick Schwatka USN/MIDN 0362   private
Strange Jean MacDougall civilian 0022 - private
Strange Hubert Ellis USN/RADM 0022   private
Strean Bernard M. USN/VADM 1783   private
Strean Janet Lockey civilian 1783 - private
Stribling John Wright USN/CAPT 19-1-C 1944 government
Stribling Mary Ann civilian 19-1-C - government
Stringer Dave USN/C. Hold 1040 USS Huron government
Strohsahl George Henry Jr. USN/RADM 45-2-I 1959 government
Strohsahl Marvalyn Fiske civilian 45-2-I   government
Stroop Marlene A. civilian 45-3-A - government
Strott George G. USN/LT 14-3-D 1947 government
Stuart Jerome C. USMC/2nd LT 0768 1951 government
Stuart Sally Cross civilian 0768 - government
Stuart James A. USMC/Lt. Gen 0768 1922 government
Stuart Harry Allen USN/RADM 0541   government
Stuart Marie B. civilian 0541 - government
Stuart William Stuart USN/RADM 1836 1932 government
Stuart Thomas Rodney USMC/COL 17-6-K 1951 government
Stump James Michael child 0797 - government
Sturdy Henry Francis   0454   private
Sturdy Edward William   0454   private
Sturdy Edith Rhoda civilian 0454 - private
Sturdy Edith Lockwood civilian 0454 - private
Sublette William H. USN/CAPT 1273 1933 private
Sue A. H. USN 1526   government
Sullivan Baby child 0909 - government
Sullivan John McGrath USN/LT 43-1-D 1947 government
Sullivan John T. USN/LT 0073 1867 private
Sullivan Sarah A. civilian 0073 - government
Sullivan William Wesley USN/CAPT 20-2-F 1953 government
Summit Charles Daniel USN/CAPT 39-1-G 1948 government
Sumner Mills USN/Cook 1366 - government
Sumner Ann civilian 1355 - government
Sundays Alicia Browne Carpenter civilian 0015   private
Sunderland Louise Bruce civilian 1598 - private
Sunderland Helen Marie child 1417 - private
Sunderland Morton USN/CAPT 1598   private
Superfine Irving J USN/CAPT 46-1-J 1938 government
Superfine Marjorie E. Cote civilian 46-1-J - government
Surface Henry USN/CAPT 19-1-F 1938 government
Surface Sonia Sigmar civilian 19-1-F - government
Sutherland Lee Elliot USN/MIDN 0944   private
Sutherland Andrew W. USN/Gunner's Mate 1528 - government
Svendsen Raymond V. USN/Chief Boatswain 0334 - private
Svendsen Winona O'Neal civilian 0334 - private
Svendsen Baby Boy civilian 0841 - private
Swain Ted Nier USN/CDR 13-5-B 1943 government
Swain Margaret C civilian 13-5-B - government
Swallow Chandler Eastman Jr USN/CAPT 41-3-I 1945 government
Swanston William Alexander USN/CAPT 1195   private
Swanston Mary Josephine civilian 1195 - private
Swart Arnold Rosser USMC/MAJ 15-5-D 1961 government
Sweeney John D., Jr. USNR/TM3 0261   government
Sweet Linda LeHardy civilian 0354 - private
Sweet Harry Jauncey USN/CDR 0354 1954 private
Swigart Margaret Williams civilian 0516 - private
Swigart Oral Raymond USN/RADM 0516 Bronze Star private
Seacord Joan Palmer civilian 39-2-F - government
Sommerlatte Kathryn Anne civilian 44-2-D - government
Smith L. Wayne USN/CAPT 39-4-H 1950 government
Schiller Stanley J. USNR/LT 39-4-K 1947 government
Sapp Neil Carleton USN/LT 39-4-L 1962 government
Stevens William USN/CAPT 39-5-A 1955 government
Schoonmaker Herbert G. USNR/CDR 39-5-K 1946 government
Stem David John USNR/LCDR 38-3-F 1961 government
Stell Ralph Waltman Jr. USN/CDR 39-5-C 1945 government
Schaeffer Valentine Hixson Jr. USNR/LT 38-3-G 1949 government
Shaffran SJ USAF/COL 38-1-B 1954 government
Shaffran Jane Ward civilian 38-1-B - government
Sharrah R. Logan USN/LCDR 38-3-K 1953 government
Sherman Helen Wondergem civilian 38-4-C - government
Shewmaker Monica Sullivan civilian 38-1-J - government
Sims Thomas Malone Jr. USN/CAPT SC 38-5-K 1957 government
Sims Mayotha civilian 38-5-K - government
Smith William Morris Jr. USAF/COL 38-4-I 1951 government
Smith Mary Della civilian 38-4-I - government
Streight David Alan USN/LCDR 38-2-D 1990 government
Sweeny John USN/CAPT 38-4-L 1941 government
Sameit Douglas Edward USN/CAPT 37-2-J 1971 government
Sanford Ernest E. USN/LTJG 37-2-B 1940 government
Skerrett Robert Joseph USN/CAPT 37-3-I 1953 government
Smith Jess Joseph USNR/LCDR 37-3-J 1957 government
Stockdale Patricia Boudreaux civilian 37-3-A - government
Straker John Tooke CAPT/USN 36-3-C 1940 government
Stuver William Allen MAJ/USMC 36-3-L 1977 government
Stokes Francis George CAPT/USNR 36-5-I 1955 government
Sisson Helen Bounelis civilian 20-2-D - government
Stewart Patricia Gibson civilian 17-5-J - government
Shaffer Marie M. civilian 35-1-H - government
Sheldon Helen DuBose civilian 0150 - private
Shaw Claude Bufford USN/CAPT 34-1-I 1942 government
Shaw Rivers Buford civilian 34-1-I - government
Stevens Edward Glenister USNR/LCDR 34-2-F 1954 government
Shuman Edwin A., III USN/CAPT 34-4-F 1954 government
Smalley Gerry B. civilian 42-3-G - government
Sharrah Luree Fowler civilian 38-3-K - government
Strieter Robert Martin USN/CAPT 45-3-L 1941 government
Strieter Marylyn Bradford civilian 45-3-L - government
Stroop Paul D. Jr. USNR/LCDR 45-3-A 1954 government
Smith Lucy Pittenger civilian 43-5-J - government
Straker Mary Lou Hatcher civilian 36-3-C - government
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