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The United States Naval Academy, one of the Nation's most prestigious schools, prides itself in its well diversified student body. This diversity goes beyond ethnicity, geography, areas of study and extends into the athleticism of the midshipmen. The midshipmen boast excellence in a wide range of sports, from football to squash to equestrian activities. The USNA Cheerleading squad is working hard towards their goal of becoming one of the newest assets within the wide variety of NAAA teams. These midshipmen have worked extremely hard over the past few years to develop the Navy Cheerleading program.

The USNA cheerleading program is a constantly growing program, always looking for ways to improve itself. Focused on both supporting the Brigade and competing, the Navy Cheerleaders raise the morale of the fans and midshipmen at many sporting events the Academy participates in. The cheerleaders can be seen taking an active role in leading the Brigade's spirit at all the football games, all home men and women's basketball games, the Pride Bowl (Sprint Football-Army vs Navy). However, the cheerleaders' roles go beyond the field. You can witness their enthusiasm at all the Pep Rallies, pre-game tailgaters, many Spirit Activites, along with several visits throughout the year to important Armed Services locations such as the Pentagon.

The cheerleaders, both male and female put in as many hours as other varsity organizations on the yard. The cheerleaders practice at minimum 2 hours a day from August to May, along with all their performances and games. On top of cheerleading activities, they participate in all military obligations including formations, meals, watch standing, spring drill and upholding the regulations and traditions of the Academy. They also participate in many other company activities and ECAs such as Semper Fi, CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ), CMC (Catholic Midshipmen Club), MAG (Midshipmen Action Group), and MGSP (midshipmen group study program). Many cheerleaders boast very respectable CQPRs (Cumulative grading scheme that includes GPA, military performance and physical standards of readiness) and are on the Superintendent's and Commandant's Lists.

In a few short years, each cheerleader will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree and receive their commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.


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