2014-2015 Tryout Specifications & Team Organization  

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danceThe spring tryouts will be held after the conclusion of the Men's and Women's Basketball seasons in 2014. The main purpose, of which, is to select the best overall Midshipmen for the Navy Spirit Team of the United States Naval Academy.

Prior experience in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance is helpful, but is NOT required. All tryout candidates, new or veteran, will be scored on growth, contribution, athleticism and future potential on the USNA Spirit Team.

Although the requirements vary for each of the varied parts of the team (Group Stunting, Partner Stunting,Gymnastics, Dance and Bills) , we are looking for individuals that can demonstrate proper technical skills, excellent athletic ability, the willingness to learn and motivation. Additionally, Midshipmen on the USNA Spirit Team demonstrate, at all times,
poise and leadership.

KimmyThe tryout process will include three days of clinics during which you will learn new material, and we will evaluate skills, as well as your performance of the newly learned material.

During the clinics, elimination of participants (cuts) might be made by the coaches, judging panel, or advisor, as they deem appropriate. Tryouts might include an interview process and on the final day, the formal skills tryout judged by a panel of experts. The judges will select the members of the Navy Spirit Team.

Any candidates interested in trying out for the 2014-2015 USNA Cheerleading Team should attend the Cheerleading Information Session, where questions and more specific information will be presented. This session will be held prior to the tryout in Dahlgren Hall. 

All Naval Academy Midshipmen are eligible to try out for either the Cheerleading Team, Dance Team or "Bills" regardless of class. Although there is no  specific height or weight requirement for males or females, prospective members are expected to be in excellent physical shape and look physically fit based on one's height and weight. 

***Note: All persons selected for the 2014-2015 teams are expected to remain on the squad and in the program until the end of the Basketball Season. If a member quits during the year, he or she will not be eligible to participate in the USNA Spirit Team in future years. All new members will be expected to pay $150-200 (approximately) in August to cover uniforms, warm-ups, shoes, and practice gear.

Tryout Dates

  • Cheer:
    • March 2014 (Current Midshipmen)
    • August 2014 (Plebes)
  • Dance:
    • January 2014 (Current Midshipmen)
    • August 2014 (Plebes)
  • Mascots: December 2014 (ALCON)
  • Time: 1545-1800 Place: Dahlgren Hall, U.S. Naval Academy
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