Chemistry Department

CDR Douglas Brown, Ph.D.

Chemistry Department (Stop 9b)
U.S. Naval Academy
572M Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5026

Telephone: 410-293-6601

Fax: 410-293-2218

Research Interests

My current research is to design, synthesize and characterize a new series of dimolybdenum and ditungsten paddlewheel complexes with mixed or heteroleptic ligands.  The goal of this work is to study the synergy and effects of the dimetal center with the mixed coordinated m-bridging ligands in electron transfer processes such as metal-to-ligand charge transfer and electronic communication between dimetal centers when connected by an unconjugated bifunctional bridge.  The application of this work may contribute to enhancements in micro-electronics and molecular assembly.  These complexes are typically air-sensitive and all work is done under anaerobic conditions using drybox and Schlenk techniques.

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