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LT Brian Kiehl, USN

kiehlLT Brian Kiehl was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy Reserves in September of 2008, after completing a BS in Computer Science from Shepherd University in 2003 and an MS in Information Assurance from Johns Hopkins University in 2006.  In 2010, LT Kiehl completed a post graduate certificate in Information Assurance from the National Defense University.

ENS Kiehl’s initial assignment was with the NETWARCOM Global Network Operations and Security Center (GNOSC) at NAB Little Creek in VA, where he served as the Admin Officer for the unit.  In his time at NETWARCOM, he had the opportunity to support Exercise Terminal Fury at COMPACFLT in Pearl Harbor, HI.  In September, 2010, ENS Kiehl received a promotion to LTJG.

In 2011, LTJG Kiehl was assigned to the NCIS HQ 0166 reserve unit, based out of Quantico MCB in Virginia.  As a member of the unit’s Cyber Division, he was responsible for providing ongoing Cyber Analysis to NCIS investigations, as well as acting as the Sharepoint Manager and IT Representative for the unit.  In September of 2012, LTJG Kiehl earned his Information Dominance Warfare Pin, and was promoted to LT.

Currently, LT Kiehl is on a three year recall to Active Duty as a military faculty member at the United States Naval Academy.  His current teaching schedule includes SI110: Introduction to Cyber Security.

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