Team Roster


Officer Representative:

LT William Inch, USN

Department of Seamanship and Navigation

Midshipman Leadership

Commanding Officer:
MIDN 1/C Christopher Fron
10th Company

Christopher "Tron" Fron, of Albany, New York, returns to the Jolly Rogers for his fourth year after walking on first semester of his plebe year. A devoted ice hockey and football player throughout high school, he had no drill experience prior to attending the Naval Academy but was immediately captivated by the team from day one. While he is not on the drill field, Chris can often be found playing pick up hockey or football, skiing the Adirondack Mountains, or sailing the east coast with the Navy Offshore Sailing Squadron. A Systems Engineering major and proud member of the 10th Company, he hopes to earn a commission as a 2nd Lt in the Marine Corps and attend the Infantry Officer Course.

Executive Officer:
MIDN 1/C Gregory Oh
25th Company

1/C Oh, captain of the Silent Drill Team Jolly Rogers is excited to work with such an upstanding group of midshipmen who pride themselves on discipline and precision. He hopes to be a Naval Aviator upon his graduation from the Naval Academy.

Platoon Sergeant:
MIDN 2/C Jordan Webster
19th Company

Jordan "Weps" Webster, from Denton, TX, had no experience with armed drill prior to attending the USNA, but immediately found that he enjoyed its precise nature. He has been with the Jolly Rogers since his first semester at the Academy. He is a member of the Chapel Choir and hopes to commission as an Information Warfare Officer in the US Navy.


Operations Officer:
MIDN 1/C Gabriel Acevedo
2nd Company

Public Affairs Officer:
MIDN 2/C Dominick DiSerio
6th Company

Dom DiSerio has been with the Jolly Rogers since his plebe year at the academy. Despite a lacrosse career of almost ten years, Dom decided to try something different when he got to Annapolis and became interested in drill after Plebe Summer. Despite having no prior exhibition drill experience, he worked hard and eventually earned his black shirt. Now he is one of the senior Rogers on the team and currently the team Public Affairs Officer, managing videos of performances and the team facebook page. He currently studies Systems Engineering at the academy and hopes to one day fly for the Marine Corps.

MIDN 2/C Jason Infante
25th Company

Drill Master:
MIDN 2/C Logan O'Shea
13th Company

Logan O'Shea, from Dayton, Ohio, joined the Jolly Rogers at the beginning of his plebe year. Having drilled throughout high school, and wishing to continue his drill team career, he joined SDT with high expectations and has enjoyed every minute of it. He is a proud member of the 13th Company, and of the class of 2015!

MIDN 3/C Domenique Braswell
9th Company

Domenique Braswell, came to the United States Naval Acadmey to become a competent officer in the United States Navy. Domenique believes that the Naval Academy is the best way to get him to that standard the military is looking for and demands. He wanted to be in the military since he was 9 years old, around the time the attacks during September 11th occured. His dad was deployed after that event and his brother enlisted in the Navy. Domenique wants to do his part and devote honorable service to his country to defend God's good people and the freedoms this nation has to offer.

Weapons Sergeant:
MIDN 3/C Kerri Hands
11th Company

Kerri "Wheels" Hands, of Orient, New York, has been spinning rifles since high school, where she was a member of the Southold NJROTC silent drill team. In addition to the Jolly Rogers, she is also a member of the field hockey team. The only female Jolly Roger, she aspires to be an Aeronautical Engineering major, and commission as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps.

MIDN 3/C Alexander Huang
27th Company

Alexander Huang is from Cypress, California. A product of the NJROTC program at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, he participated in exhibition drill throughout high school and hopes to continue on during his time at the Academy. He hopes to join the Surface Warfare community after graduation.

MIDN 3/C George Khoury
22th Company

MIDN 3/C Hunter Lampp
24th Company

MIDN Hunter Lampp is from the city of Jacksonville, Florida. He has visited a few foreign countries such as Bahrain and Nicaragua, even living in Iceland for about 2.5 years. As an Information Technology major from 24th Company, MIDN Lampp hopes to service select Navy Pilot and one day fly the P-8.

MIDN 3/C Adela Rivera
6th Company

MIDN 4/C Seth Adams
15th Company

MIDN Seth Adams is from Cleveland, NY. Before coming to the academy, he attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a year and participated in the NROTC program. While there, he gained experience in regulation drill. He spends his free time playing the piano or cello and he also enjoys golfing. On the yard, Adams is a member of the Trident Brass jazz band.

MIDN 4/C Christian Blanchard
26th Company

Midshipman Fourth Class Christian Blanchard is the son of Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. Shane Blanchard (USN). He is from Montgomery, Alabama, where his father teaches at the Air Command and Staff College. Christian enjoys being in the outdoors, visiting historical sites, and playing guitar and singing with his friends. He is proud to be a Midshipman and looks forward to service selecting Naval or Marine Corps Aviation or Marines Corps Ground. This is his first year performing silent drill.

MIDN 4/C Caleb Legis
9th Company

Caleb Legis is originally from Miami, Florida and is a huge Miami Heat fan. He loves to play basketball, football, and do drill. He also really likes getting to know other people. His reason for coming to the academy initially was to overcome a challenge. While that still holds true, the reason that keeps him here is simply a desire to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

MIDN 4/C Andrea McDavid
8th Company

MIDN 4/C McDavid is from Anderson, Alaska and is a Yupik Eskimo. She went to NAPS last year and did color guard there. She plans on majoring in Oceanography but does not know what she wants to service select yet.

MIDN 4/C Berl McLaurin
27th Company

MIDN 4/C Berl D. McLaurin was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. While in high school, I was very involved with NJROTC. As a member of Alpha Strike Drill team, he gained the experience he would need to become a Jolly Roger. 4/C McLaurin enjoys working out and watching movies. He plans on majoring in Systems Engineering and hopes to be selected as a Submarine or Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer.

MIDN 4/C Ian Rosete
6th Company

MIDN 4/C Ian Rosete comes from humble beginnings in Bulacan, Philippines. Since then, he has lived in numerous places to include San Diego, Virginia Beach, and Japan. MIDN Rosete has had prior drill experience to include exhibition drill. As a midshipman in the Naval Academy, MIDN 4/C Ian Rosete is a proud member of the 6th Company Jackalopes, and he intends to major in Political Science in International Relations and hopes to be a Naval Aviator.

MIDN 4/C Erick Schwering
18th Company

MIDN 4/C Benedict Villarreal
21st Company

Benedict Immanuel Villarreal or "V" hails from San Antonio, Texas. V's childhood was surrounded by struggle and the temptation to compromise the values he was raised by; he found a home easily when he came to the Naval Academy. In his spare time, V likes to compose music for guitar and play video games. He is also in the Gospel Choir and Information Warfare Group. V plans to major in Cyber Operations and hopes to join the Intelligence community upon graduation.