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Faculty Directory

Department Administration

Chair: Prof Robert W. Ives, Ph.D.
Associate Chair: CDR Patrick Vincent, USN
Executive Assistant: Maj Michael Slatt, USMC

Educational Technician: Tamika Evans; phone: 3-6150; fax: 3-3493

Faculty Listing

Note: Phone numbers as listed are internal. External numbers follow the pattern 410-293-xxxx. The DSN prefix for the Naval Academy is 281.

Name Title E-mail Phone
Adams, Agur, Maj, USMC Senior Instructor 3-6140
Anderson, Christopher AssocProf 3-6185
Atwood, Jesse M. LCDR, USNR Master Instructor 3-6830
Benson, Jay H. AdjProf 3-6832
Blanco, Justin A. AsstProf 3-6184
Brown, Dane Prof. of Practice 3-6168
Diaz, Antonio, LT, Spanish Navy Instructor 3-6863
Firebaugh, Samara L. Prof 3-6175
Fairbanks, Kevin AsstProf 3-6154
Galloway, Kevin, CDR, USN AsstProf 3-6169
Hewgley, Charles, CDR, USN Senior Instructor, PMP 3-6171
Ives, Robert W. Prof and Chair 3-6152
Jenkins, R. Brian AssocProf 3-6159
Kelly, Ryan, Capt, USMC Instructor 3-6157
Kintzley, Keith, CDR, USN Master Instructor,PMP 3-6182
Kopka, Richard W. Senior Lecturer 3-6161
Lankford, John S., LCDR, USNR Master Instructor 3-6181
Lanzer, Frank AdjProf
Lawrence, Robert AdjProf 3-6160
Magnotta, Bob T., LT, USNR Master Instructor 3-6183
Martin, Richard L. Prof Emeritus 3-5074
Mechtel, Deborah M. AssocProf 3-6156
Nelson, Charles AsstProf 3-6164
Ngo, Hau T. AsstProf 3-6179
Postlethwaite, Hartley, CDR, USN Senior Instructor 3-6180
Rakvic, Ryan N. AssocProf 3-6166
Rowland, Sonny, LT, USN Instructor 3-6160
Roth, John, Capt, USMC Instructor 3-6170
Salem, Thomas E. AssocProf 3-6178
Sarkady, Antal A. Prof 3-6176
Schultz, Robert C., LCDR, USN Master Instructor, JPMP 3-6162
Sellami, Louiza AssocProf 3-6177
Slatt, Michael, Maj, USMC Senior Instructor 3-6151
Smith, James, LT, USN Instructor 3-6167
Stevens, John, CDR, USN AsstProf 3-6178
Vincent, Patrick, CDR, USN AsstProf, PMP, Associate Chair 3-6153
Walker, T. Owens, CDR, USN AsstProf, PMP 3-6158
Whitty, Ryan D., Maj, USMC Master Instructor 3-6186
Wood, Jennie, LCDR, USN Senior Instructor, JPMP 3-6174
Wooten, Currie PEO-IWS Research Engineer 3-6116