Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Faculty Directory

Department Administration

Chairman: Professor Samara L. Firebaugh, Ph.D. 
Associate Chairman: CDR Owens Walker, USN 
Executive Assistant: LT Sonny Rowland, USN
Educational Technician: Ms. Beth Haneke ecedept@usna.edu; phone: 3-6150; fax: 3-3493

Faculty Listing

Note: Phone numbers, as listed, are internal. External numbers follow the pattern 410-293-xxxx. The DSN prefix for the Naval Academy is 281.

Name Phone Office Email
Anderson, Christopher
Associate Professor
3-6185 MU318 canderso@usna.edu
Bast, Stephen R.
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356
Benson, Jay H.
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356 benson@usna.edu
Blanco, Justin A.
Assistant Professor
3-6184 MU217 blanco@usna.edu
Callanan, Audrey
Capt, USMC, Senior Instructor
3-6165 MU353 callanan@usna.edu
Devale, John P.
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356 jdevale@usna.edu
ElBidweihy, Hatem
Assistant Professor
3-6181 MU334 hatem.elbidweihy.eg@usna.edu
Fairbanks, Kevin
Assistant Professor
3-6154 MU213 fairbank@usna.edu
Firebaugh, Samara L.
Professor, Department Chairman
3-6152 MU330 firebaug@usna.edu
Galloway, Kevin
Assistant Professor
3-6169 MU215 kgallowa@usna.edu
Gift, Daniel
LT, USN, Instructor
3-6157 MU349 gift@usna.edu
Hewgley, Charles
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP
3-6171 MU230 hewgley@usna.edu
Ives, Robert W.
3-6176 MU223 ives@usna.edu
Jenkins, R. Brian
Associate Professor
3-6159 MU216 bjenkins@usna.edu
Kintzley, Keith
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP, Associate Chairman
3-6182 MU317 kintzley@usna.edu
Kopka, Richard W.
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356 kopka@usna.edu
Lankford, J. Spence
LCDR, USNR, Master Instructor
3-6167 MU355
Lanzer, Frank
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356 lanzer@usna.edu
Lawrence, G. Robert
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356
Lipstreu, William
Capt, USMC, Instructor
3-6140 MU250 lipstreu@usna.edu
Martin, Richard L.
Professor Emeritus
3-5074 Ri001C rmartin@usna.edu
Mechtel, Deborah M.
Associate Professor
3-6156 MU320 mechtel@usna.edu
Molina, Javier
LT, Spanish Navy, Instructor
3-6863 MU350 molina@usna.edu
Nelson, Charles
Assistant Professor
3-6164 MU337 cnelson@usna.edu
Ngo, Hau T.
Associate Professor
3-6179 MU227 ngo@usna.edu
Opila, Daniel
Assistant Professor
3-6183 MU228 opila@usna.edu
Ortiz, William
CDR, USNR, Senior Instructor
3-6162 MU336 ortiz@usna.edu
Parker, Joseph
LT, USNR, Instructor
3-6832 MU251 parkerj@usna.edu
Postlethwaite, Hartley
CDR, USN, Master Instructor
3-6180 MU218 postleth@usna.edu
Rakvic, Ryan N.
Associate Professor
3-6166 MU212 rakvic@usna.edu
Ransom, Eric
LCDR, USNR, Instructor
3-6161 MU352 ransom@usna.edu
Rebello, Keith
Adjunct Instructor
3-6163 MU356
Roth, John
Major, USMC, Master Instructor
3-6170 MU247 jroth@usna.edu
Rowland, Sonny
LT, USN, Master Instructor
3-6151 MU331 rowland@usna.edu
Sarkady, Antal
Professor Emeritus
Sellami, Louiza
Associate Professor
3-6177 MU319 sellami@usna.edu
Shey, James
LCDR, Master Instructor, JPMP
3-6168 MU354 shey@usna.edu
Stevens, John
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP
3-6155 MU231 stevens@usna.edu
Tedesso, Thomas
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP
3-6186 MU229 tedesso@usna.edu
Vanleer, Ann
Assistant Professor
3-6830 MU322 vanleer@usna.edu
Vincent, Patrick
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP
3-6158 MU316 vincent@usna.edu
Walker, T. Owens
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor, PMP
3-6153 MU328 owalker@usna.edu
West, Brent
CDR, USN, Assistant Professor
3-6178 MU214 bwest@usna.edu
Wood, Jennie
LCDR, USN, Master Instructor, JPMP
3-6174 MU335 jwood@usna.edu
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