Division of Engineering & Weapons


Faculty Research

The Division of Engineering and Weapons faculty is an integrated group of highly dedicated and motivated professional officers and civilians in approximately equal numbers. All of the civilian faculty have earned doctorate degrees. The professional scholarship and teaching experience of the civilian faculty, combined with the operational experience of the officers, provides a faculty uniquely qualified to educate and motivate midshipmen for a career in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

A majority of our faculty pursues research interests here and extends those interests to midshipmen. Together the faculty, staff and senior midshipmen work together to complete projects and publish conference papers, journal articles, etc. The state of the art facilities and equipment help make these endeavors possible. Faculty also receive grants from private and government institutions such as the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and the National Security Agency.

Although the United States Naval Academy is an undergraduate institution, the research completed in its name is quite extensive. Here is a list of professional publications from our faculty and staff in the last three years.

Student Research

Midshipmen in the Division of Engineering and Weapons have the opportunity to conduct research projects that can lead to professional publication. A Capstone Senior Design course is required for all Engineering Majors. This requires students to work in groups to execute a formal design process including choosing a topic created by a faculty member, conducting research, planning a project and finally writing a paper and a poster and presenting the research to students and faculty before graduation. This process gives midshipmen hands-on experience with the engineering design process. See the Midshipmen Research website for more information.

Select students compete to become Trident Scholars and present their research at a formal conference held at the Naval Academy. 

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