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The English Major

The majors program in English offers study of the most significant and influential writings of civilization from ancient times to the present as well as the opportunity for independent study and for creative writing projects. A bachelor of science degree is awarded.

Exercise your Academic Rights

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Choosing your major is an important decision and one of the only opportunities you have to shape your educational experience at the Naval Academy. Since the core curriculum is rigid and rigorous, your selection of a major is especially meaningful: it allows you to pursue your interests and talents, to choose the books you will read, the professors you will work with, and the courses you will take. In other words, choosing the major is an act of academic freedom and self-determination.

Reflect, Analyze, Communicate

Marine English T-shirtAs an English major you will become an expert in communication in its broadest sense. You will learn to analyze literary works in a variety of styles and forms; to think critically about the ideas, arguments, and characters; and to write with precision and clarity about complex ideas. What is more, as an English major you will learn about human experience and behavior: ambition, desire, sorrow, and triumph – all the vices and all the virtues – are ranged across the pages of literature and open to the minds of curious and discerning students.

Curriculum Requirements

(In addition to the requirements of plebe year)

Professional: NE203, NL310, NL400, NN200, NS300, NS42X.

Mathematics: SM223, plus one of the following: SM212, SM219, SM222, SM230, SM239, or SM242.

Science: SP211, SP212.

Humanities: HH215/A/M, HH216 and two electives outside the major including one at the 300/400 level.

Language: Four semesters of a foreign language.

Engineering: EA400 or EN400 or EN401, EM300, EE301, EE310, ES300, ES360.

Major: HE286, HE333, one pre-1800 period course (HE313, HE314, HE315), one pre-1900 period course (HE313, HE314, HE315, HE317, HE319, HE326), one Capstone seminar (HE46X), and six major electives.

General: One Free Elective (Minimum three credits).

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