USNA Google Apps for Government (e.g., Gmail), Blackboard, SSL VPN & Other Web Applications - Solution for Access Problems

A number of users are experiencing problems when attempting to access USNA Google Apps for Government (e.g., Gmail), Blackboard, or the USNA Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Network (VPN). These problems appear to be caused by the security certificates used by these websites. The solution to this issue is the installation of the Department of Defense (DoD) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Root Certificates

DoD PKI Root Certificates allow your web browsers to trust the identity of websites whose secure communications are authenticated by the Department of Defense. These are not required to access DoD sites; however, they will help you avoid Security Alert windows when you go to DoD agency websites that require secure communication (e.g., have https:// at the beginning of the web address). The process for installation of the certificates is as follows:

  1. Click installroot v3.15a to download root certificate installation program.
  2. Run the downloaded installation program.
  3. Exit and restart browser.

After installation, the certificates should allow continued communication with USNA's web sites including USNA Google Apps for Government (e.g., Gmail), Blackboard and the SSL VPN. If you have any additional problems, please contact the Information Resource Center (IRC) at or 410-293-3500.

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