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The programs of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences introduce midshipmen to the study of human behavior in all its varied manifestations. Each discipline examines humankind through a different lens while emphasizing critical thinking, the careful collection and analysis of evidence, and the importance of clear oral and written statements.

Midshipmen majoring in the Humanities and Social Sciences earn a Bachelor of Science degree by completing course requirements and pursuing advanced electives within their discipline.  Students also take a wide range of leadership and professional courses in combination with a core engineering curriculum.  Our graduates combine highly refined independent thinking and analysis skills with a foundation in math and engineering that sets them apart from their peers.  Upon their commissioning, our students are academically and professionally prepared to pursue a career path in any branch of the Navy or Marine Corps.

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E-mail: humssdiv@usna.edu

Telephone: (410) 293-6300

Fax: (410) 293-3225

Department Office: 266 Sampson Hall

Mailing Address:
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences 
United States Naval Academy
Mail Stop 12A
107 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21402-5044

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