Division of Humanities and Social Sciences


Name Phone Office Email
Aytes, Jon
Colonel, USMC, Division Director
(410) 293-6300 Sampson Hall 261 aytes@usna.edu
Mhley, Mark
CDR, USN, Deputy Division Director
(410) 293-6303 Sampson Hall 259 mhley@usna.edu
Zotti, Priscilla, PhD
Senior Professor
(410) 293-6302 Sampson Hall 264 zotti@usna.edu
Reitmeyer, Peter
LtCol, USMC, Marine Accessions
(410) 293-6305 Sampson Hall 263 reitmeye@usna.edu
Zunic, Angela
Captain, USMC, Marine Adjutant
(410) 293-6304 Sampson Hall 267 zunic@usna.edu
Barnett-Hughes, Keyonda
Primary Point of Contact, Lead Educational Technician
(410) 293-6300 Sampson Hall 266 barnetth@usna.edu
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