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Department Happenings

  • Congrats to Assistant Professor Donald Wallace for his latest book publication, Embracing Democracy: Politics and Exile in Hermann Broch, 1918-1951 (Oxford, UK: Peter Lang Pub. 2014)
  • Congrats to Professor Thomas Sanders for a new publication: Thomas Sanders and Daniel R. Brower, The World in the Twentieth Century [7th edition] (Pearson Pub., August 2013)
  • Congratulations to the following midshipmen whose research papers are published by professional historical journals:
  • Associate Professor Lori Bogle's lecture was taped and shown on C-SPAN. Congrats! See here
  • Congratulations to CDR James C. Rentfrow for his new book, Home Squadron: The U.S. Navy on the North Atlantic Station [Naval Institute Press, April 2014] 
  • Two USNA History professors' books have been chosen by Choice magazine as 2013's Outstanding Academic Titles.  Aaron O'Connell, Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps [Harvard University Press, 2013] CAPT Jeffrey Marcris [USNA] and Saul Kelly, ed. Imperial Crossroads: The Great Powers and the Persian Gulf [Naval Institute Press, 2012]
  • Congratulations to Professor Brannon Wheeler who is the co-editor of a recent book, East By Mid-East: Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities [ Brannon Wheeler and Anchi Hoh ed, Equinox Publication, 2013]. He also just published an entry on "Abu Zayd al-Dabusi" for The Encyclopaedia of Islam--Three edited by Kate Fleet, Gudrun Kramer, Denis Matringer, John Nawas and Everret Rowson, [Brill, 2014]
  • Professor Brannon Wheeler was recently interviewed online on Quran manuscripts, details here.
  • Professor Richard Abels has a few new publications:
    • “’The crimes by which Wulfbald ruined himself with his lord’: The Limits of State Action in Late Anglo-Saxon England.” Reading Medieval Studies 40 (2014; Special issue: Law’s Dominion in the Middle Ages: Essays for Paul Hyams. Ed. David Postles). Pp. 42-53.
    • “Cultural Representations of Warfare in the High Middle Ages: The Morgan Picture Bible.” Pp. 13-35 in Crusading and Warfare in the Middle Ages: Realities and Representations. Essays in Honour of John France.” Ed. Simon John and Nicholas Morton. Ashgate Publishing, 2014.
    • "The Costs and Consequences of Anglo-Saxon Civil Defence, 878-1066. In John Baker, Stuart Brookes, and Andrew Reynolds (eds), Landscapes of Defence in Early Medieval Europe. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2013, pp. 195-222
  • Professor Mary DeCredico named Honorary Graduate of Class of 2013
  • Academic award named after Professor Abels
  • Seven History Faculty Members on C-SPAN Book TV
  • History Major Midshipman First-Class Christian Heller selected as 2013 Rhodes Scholar
  • Naval Academy Grad partners with USNA to launch "A History of the Navy in 100 Objects"
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