History Department


  • Bellenoit, Hayden

    Associate Professor, Modern South Asian History D.Phil. - Oxford University, History, 2005 M.St. - Oxford University, Historical Research, 2002 B.A. - Wheaton College, Massachusetts, History & Economics, 2001
    Research Interests
    Indian social, cultural, economic and religious history; History of Islam and Persian cultural influence & traditions in India; 18th century & the 'transition to colonialism'; Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism; India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

  • Belson, Mark

    CDR, USN, European Diplomatic History Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Madison M.P.A. - Harvard Kennedy School M.A. - University of Colorado Denver B.S. - University of Central Florida

  • Crawford, Sharika

    Associate Professor, Modern Latin America, Circum-Caribbean, Afro-Latin America Ph.D.--University of Pittsburgh M.A. - University of California, Los Angeles B.A. - Kalamazoo College
    Research Interests
    Modern Latin America; Circum-Caribbean; Afro-Latin America

  • DeCredico, Mary

    Professor, History of the U.S. South, American Civil War Ph.D. - Vanderbilt University M.A. - Vanderbilt University B.A. - Bucknell University

  • Freymann, John M.

    CAPT, USN, History of Religion Ph.D. - University of Chicago B.S. - U.S. Naval Academy B.S. - University of Rochester

  • Getway, Sean

    LT, USN, U.S. Naval History M.A.-University of Maryland, College Park B.A.-Norwich University

  • Hall, Mathison

    Major. USMC, U.S. Naval History M.Phil. - University of Cambridge, 2005 B.S. - USNA, 2003

  • Jones, Marcus O.

    Associate Professor, German History; Modern German Economic History Ph.D. - Yale University M.Phil. - Yale University B.A. - The Ohio State University

  • Lunsford, Virginia W.

    Associate Professor, Maritime and European History; Golden Age of Piracy Ph.D. - Harvard University M.A. - University of Virginia; Harvard University

  • McCarthy, Tom

    Professor, 20th Century. U.S.; Psychology; Environmental; Catholic Studies; Consumer/Business; New England Ph.D. - Yale University M.A. - New York University M.B.A. - Columbia University B.A. - Dickinson College

  • O'Connell, Aaron B.

    Associate Professor, Cultural History of U.S. military Ph.D. - Yale Certificate in Security Studies - Yale M.Phil. - Yale M.A. - Yale M.A. - Indiana University B.A. - Trinity College, Hartford, CT

  • O'Hora, Davin J.

    CDR, USN, Military/Naval History M.A.--Hawaii Pacific University B.A.--Florida State University

  • Pretus, Mike

    Maj. USMC, History of the Civil War M.A.-Southeast Louisiana University B.A.-University of New Orleans

  • Robertson, Thomas

    CAPT, USN, History of Irregular Warfare, Counter-Insurgency, Airpower M.A. - Georgetown University B.S. - U.S. Naval Academy

  • Scott, Carl-Werner

    CAPT, USMC, Military/Naval History M.Phil. - University of Cambridge B.A. - U.S. Naval Academy

  • Tucker, Ernest

    Professor, History of the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey Ph.D. - University of Chicago B.A. - Yale University

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