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What is Adobe Connect?
Defense Connect Online (DCO)
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What is Adobe Connect?  

Connect brings real-world functionality to web conferencing. It enables users to communicate and interact with groups large and small in real-time, using high-impact presentations and essential collaboration tools.

Interact with remote participants in real time - one on one or in extended teams. Connect meetings with screen-sharing, whiteboarding, integrated VoIP, and multi-person video help with information dissemination and shared situational awareness. Participants can collaborate in an informal, highly interactive manner with shared screens, applications, images, and documents.

Top Features for e-Learning

  • Rapidly create content 
    Deploy custom teaching programs that mix and reuse a variety of activities. Create self-paced courses right from Microsoft PowerPoint using Adobe® Presenter software. You can also capture screen recordings or create interactive simulations using Adobe Captivate® software. And record an Adobe Acrobat® Connect™ Pro virtual classroom session and download and edit it for reuse as a self-paced course. 
  • Share your screen
    Share your screen at three levels: window, application, or entire desktop. Synchronize the view of all participants and expand the viewing area for shared applications, documents, and whiteboards. 
  • Track learner performance
    Track learners' participation and scores for real-time performance data. For self-paced courses, view learner progress and completion rates. A curriculum view shows learners their required courses and time to completion. 

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DCO (Defense Connect Online)  

DCO provides web conferencing that any Department of Defense users can access instantly. DCO can be accessed at:  

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Upcoming Adobe Connect Demos  

The Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) will demo the use of Adobe Connect at the following dates/times in Nimitz 107. Click here to sign up for the demo.

  • Thursday, January 29, 2015, 1200-1300
  • Thursday, March 5, 2015, 1200-1300
  • Thursday, April 16, 2015 1200-1300 

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