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What is Tegrity? 

Tegrity is a powerful lecture capture system that can capture instructor audio and any information presented through a computer, a laptop (including tablet), and peripheral devices such as a document camera. The resulting files would be available for student use via the Web. Students can review the entire recorded course session, review certain chapters of the recording, or search and review a specific piece of information. This system is most beneficial for faculty who teach using a computer as a teaching tool to present information.

  • Main Features
  • Manual Start/Stop/Pause Option
  • Centralized content management  (email, delete, archive, and control viewing of lectures)
  • Various capture options (voice, video and visual)
  • Capture full motion screen activity (e.g., handwriting/annotation)
  • Presentation editing (Remove sections, edit chapters)
  • Automatic Web publishing
  • Webcasting, Podcasting and Cellcasting audio and video
  • Publish to CD/DVD
  • Integration with Blackboard
  • Indexed output for thumbnail navigation
  • Automatic content indexing and cataloguing
  • Metadata and Full text search (by words and phrase)
  • Measurement and reporting capabilities

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USNA Tegrity Trial

Since fall of 2007, a total of 31 faculty members from various disciplines and departments have participated in the trial and used Tegrity in more than 100 courses/sections with over 2000 midshipmen enrolled. From August 1, 2008 to April 28, 2010, trial faculty have produced a total of 2055 recordings (1557 hours); these recordings have been accessed by students 3150 times (1062 hours); and the recordings were downloaded as podcasts 182 times, downloaded as M4V files 160 times, and downloaded as Tegrity sessions 263 times (see Appendix II for detailed recording, viewing and downloading reports). The number of recordings has greatly increased from AY2009 to AY2010, as has the number of downloads.

Surveys were conducted at the end of each semester to evaluate faculty and student experiences with Tegrity. The majority of trial faculty and students that participated in the survey suggested that the system helped enhance their teaching and learning processes. Major advantages of the system mentioned include the following: the system allowed faculty to review their own performance and improve their teaching, motivated faculty to be more prepared for classes, helped reach more students who missed classes for various reasons, allowed students to review course content on-demand, etc.

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Upcoming Tegrity Demos 

The Instructional Development Support Center (IDSC) will demo the use of Tegrity at the following dates/times in Nimitz 107. Click here to sign up for the demo.

  • Thursday, January 22, 2015, 1200-1300
  • Thursday, February 26, 2015, 1200-1300
  • Thursday, April 9, 2015, 1200-1300 
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Tegrity Campus User Guides 

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