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       To serve as a principal advisor for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of research data and information regarding candidates, midshipmen, and graduates of the Naval Academy. Secondarily to be responsible to the Senior Naval Academy leadership for all research conducted to support institutional planning, policy formation, and decision making.


  • Obtains and maintains relevant data on the performance of midshipmen and graduates.
  • Provides a single source of evaluated information on midshipmen and graduates.
  • Maintains data in a form which is easily accessed and retrieved.
  • Disseminates research data to cognizant offices.
  • Develops assessment tools required to measure success of Character Development Initiatives.
  • Conducts or coordinates all surveys of midshipmen, faculty, and staff relating to the Naval Academy or its operations.

Title Phone #
Main Number 293-1910
Director 293-1911
Research Coordinator 293-1914
Webmaster 293-1915
Statistician 293-1913
Statistician 293-1912
Program Analyst 293-1912

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