Welcome to the website of the United States Naval Academy Italian American Midshipmen Club. We're a group of midshipmen who are particularly proud of our heritage. We love food, music, movies, and pretty much all things Italian.

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Midshipmen making canoli Italian Flag Learning italian traditions USNA seal Handing out canolis
The Brigade of Midshipmen Flag
The Italian Flag
VP 2/C Kristin Rovito helps make a Canoli!
Not everyone knows everything, but we'll teach you!
Handin' out them shells
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What we do.

Movement Orders

We love the yard, just like you do, but sometimes, we can't satisfy the craving to explore the Italian heritage within the confines of the Naval Academy walls. We do movement orders all over. They range from going out into DTA to grab a bite to eat, all the way up to traveling to Italy over Spring Break- and everything in between.

Come see for yourself!

Upcoming Events:
Club Meeting, Tuesday, 2 OCT 12.


We meet on Tuesdays, every other week. It's a good time. There's typically food, good people, and a lot of Italian speaking. Feel free to stop by, we're typically in CH110, you know, that Chemistry Auditorium room.

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The Academic Year 2013 Fall Semester Staff

Our Team

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