Client Services & IT Security  


Client Services

The Client Services Branch provides technical support services to Faculty, Staff, and Midshipmen. The branch is divided into two groups; Central Services and Distributed Services. Central Services include: software licensing, hardware maintenance, the Information Resource Center, account management, client configuration and support, the Plebe Microcomputer program, the Service Academy Exchange Program (SAEP), and the Foreign Exchange Program (FEP).

The Information Resource Center, or IRC, is manned by one or more consultants. The staff is available to answer questions, either in person, over the phone, or by email. Visit the IRC web site for location and hours of operation.

Distributed Services provides similar direct Computer Resource Unit (CRU) support services to departments or buildings.

Information Technology (IT) Security

The IT Security Branch enforces secure computing practices across the enterprise as defined by the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Navy (DoN), and best practices in the higher educational arena. Access to the Internet is provided by the Maryland Research and Education Network (MDREN), and Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN) and those security requirements must be met as well.

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