Every year, 10-15 foreign military students enter the Naval Academy. Even though it's just a speck compared to some 1200 American midshipmen, they still stick out of the crowd. After Plebe Summer, they have significantly improved their English skills and are ready to face the academic year. The majority of them choose engineering majors, although there are a few Group II and III majors. After graduation, they have a 6 to 20 year service commitment to their countries, depending on where they are from.

So who are those people that you hear speaking other languages at dinner tables, in your classes, sports teams, etc? Currently, there are 31 foreign countries represented in the Brigade, a total of 55 international midshipmen. Most of them have some kind of prior military experience, either in regular forces or service academies. They are equally spread out in all 30 companies, with a mission both to learn and teach. To learn everything there is to learn in the Academy and to teach other midshipmen about their countries and armed forces, making the Brigade more aware about the international community.