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4 FEB 2013
Midshipmen Journey to Jordan
13 FEB 2013
Midshipmen Study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan 
20 FEB 2013
Midshipmen Studies Arabic, Engineering in Qatar
27 MAR 2013
Midshipmen Share Experiences Studying in Morocco
28 MAR 2013
Naval Academy Midshipmen Study in Munich, Hamburg
24 MAY 2013
Midshipmen Visit Georgian Military Academy 
Summer 2013
A World Apart 
22 AUG 2013
Midshipmen Spend Semester Immersed in Omani Culture
Fall 2013
Chile Expedition Report 
SEPT 2013
Five Midshipmen Experience Brazilian Culture
OCT 2013
National Day in China



11 NOV 2011
Bejing to the Sea, C. Wehner
22 OCT 2011
Egypt Semester Abroad, Spring 2009
22 SEP 2011
Midshipman in Chilean Military School Athletic Competition
18 MAR 2011
Midshipman Gain Experience at Chilean Naval Academy
3 MAR 2011
Midshipman Witness Egyptian Revolution
Midshipman Study at Japanese Military Academy
24 FEB 2011
Midshipman Study Abroad in Qatar's Capitol
25 JAN 2011
Midshipman Study Chinese in Bejing
20 JAN 2011
Midshipman Study Abroad in Chile


25 MAR 2010
Midshipman Participate in Chinese Studies Program
4 MAR 2010
Midshipman Participates in Chinese Language Program
25 FEB 2010
Midshipman Gain Experience, Training in Spain
11 FEB 2010
Midshipman Spends the Summer in Japan
4 FEB 2010
Midshipman Spends Semester in Jordan


23 OCT 2009
Midshipman Studies Abroad in Egypt
During the spring semester, Midn. 1⁄C Mike Hogan attended the American University of Cairo in Egypt to study Arabic and the Egyptian culture.
16 OCT 2009
Midshipman Spends Semester in Russia
Midn. 1⁄C Luke Scott spent the spring semester studying at St. Petersburg University in Russia through an exchange program run by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). CIEE is a U.S.-based organization that sponsors study programs around the world.
16 OCT 2009
Midshipmen Study Abroad in Jordan
During the spring semester 2009, the Naval Academy sent three Midshipmen to Jordan to study the Arabic language and experience a foreign culture very different from their own.  Midn. 1⁄C Jason Maenza, Jeremiah Olver and Janell Peske spent six months in Jordan, studying as civilians and interacting with Jordanians as American college students.
9 OCT 2009
Midshipmen Spend Semester at French Naval Academy
From January to July 2009, Midn. 1⁄C Breanne Petrella and Midn. 1⁄C Lindsey Asdal attended the French Naval Academy, Ecole Navale, as exchange students.
2 OCT 2009
Midshipmen Participate in Turkish Navy Cup Sailing Competition
This summer six Midshipmen participated in the Turkish Navy Cup sailing competition held annually in Istanbul, Turkey. Midshipmen from the classes of 2010, 2011 and 2012 attended as guests of the Turkish Naval Academy.
25 SEP 2009
Midshipmen travel to Israel
Eleven Naval Academy Midshipmen, led by Lt. Cmdr. Rory Berke and Lt. Glenn Schatz of the Political Science Department and joined by a contingent of cadets from Army and Air Force, arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, to embark on a three-week internship.
27 MAR 2009
Naval Academy Glee Club Visits South America
The members of the Men’s Glee Club traveled to Argentina and Chile, performing 10 concerts total, to include performances at each country’s Naval Academy during the USNA Spring Break.
FEB 2009
The Africa I Carry With Me
Fourteen First-class midshipmen travel to Africa and spend four weeks participating in a range of cultural experiences to include being integrated with the cadets from the Uganda People’s Defense Force Cadet Training Academy and later the Kenyan Armed Forces Training College, as well as participating in discussion groups at the US Embassy in Djibouti, training at Camp Simba, Kenya with forward operating troops, and going on a safari in Nairobi National Park.
16 JAN 2009
Midshipmen Broaden Global Awareness with Semester Study in China
Six midshipmen share their experiences after spending the semester studying in China, increasing their language skills and cultural awareness through travel and interaction with local and ethnic populations throughout China.


OCT 2007
US Midshipmen Aboard a Spanish Tall Training Vessel
Six USNA midshipmen embarked the Juan Sebastian De Elcano in Norfolk, VA and debarked in Valencia, Spain and learning line handling and navigation alongside their midshipmen counterparts at the Spanish Naval Academy.
SEP 2007
International Midshipmen: Focus on Middle East
While history and tradition are synonymous with the U.S. Naval Academy—
I-Day and Plebe Summer, football and sailing, parades and formation—so are
innovation and advancement: academic majors in information technology, exchange programs and now, Middle Eastern studies.
30 AUG 2007
International Programs Increases Opportunities for Travel, Study
Since its inception in March 2006, the staff of the International Programs Office expanded existing international programs and developed new ones; simplified traveling abroad for Midshipmen, faculty and staff; and provided a resource for those wanting to learn about other languages and cultures.


16 NOV 2006
Paving the way for women in Chilean Naval Academy
On July 6, 1976, 81 women chopped through Bancroft Hall to begin their journey and paved the way for all future women midshipmen to follow...
16 NOV 2006
Academy lays groundwork for exchanges in Jordan
From left, Midn. 2⁄C Ben Fehr, Prof. Brannon Wheeler, Prince Ghazi and Cmdr. Director of IPO Tim Disher visited Jordan in June, 2007.

International Programs Office

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