Half Way Through The Semester

We're just over 8 weeks into this 16 week semester and the Jewish Midshipmen Club has been very active in this short period of time. In the beginning of September, towards the end of the Summer's Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the club talked about what was actually going on in the region, what the media was portraying and the truth behind Israel's operation in Gaza.

Throughout the rest of September, we celebrated Rosh Hashana, had a Midshipman Led Shabbat service, and watch the Superman Movie "Man of Steel," inspired by the Rabbi's speech during the High Holiday.

In the first half of October, we celebrated Yom Kippur, built the Sukkah outside the Levy Center, and went to an enlightening speech by the US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, where he talked about the ongoing situation in the Middle East, and his views on what he thinks is going to happen in Israel.

           On a side note: The Ambassador thought that the situation in Israel is going to get really murky because of the fact that while Israel is            a democratic state, they are systematically building settlements in and around the West Bank. If they want to include Palestinians into            Israeli society, and give them equal rights, they could soon outnumber Jewish citizens. The dilemma facing Israel now is how to            maintain a democratic society while also remaining a Jewish state.

This coming weekend, the club will be going on our annual trip to New York City to experience Jewish culture and life in NYC. Starting off with a classic Israeli Shabbat Dinner with falafel, hummus, pita bread, and Israeli salad, the club will then head on out to Shabbat morning services at Central Synagogue in Midtown Manhattan, followed by a trip to the 9/11 Museum and World Trade Center Memorial.

In the coming weeks, we have many more activities planned, such as Jewish Warrior Weekend at West Point, NY, the Friends of the IDF Banquet in Pikesville, MD, T-shirt making, and much more.

Thanks so much for reading up to this point. Shalom!

First Meeting

Our first meeting was this past week, and we started off the year a little different this time around. Instead of the usual pizza and sandwiches, the FOJC sponsored a pasta meal from Mangia's, a local italian restaurant in Downtown Annapolis. The surprise was received by about 30 hungry Midshipmen, and we couldn't be thankful enough to the FOJC's support.

During the meeting, Midshipmen signed up to participate in the upcoming Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services, as well as enjoying each others company and talking about all the exciting things that happened over the Summer.

There's a lot planned for this year in JMC and we look forward to learning a lot and having fun!

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