Jewish Warrior Weekend

On the weekend of Feb 28th through March 3rd, Jewish Cadets and Midshipmen from the US Military Academy, US Air Force Academy, and US Coast Guard Academy gathered together here at the US Naval Academy to celebrate a weekend together.

The group of about 40 Cadets and Midshipmen had Friday night Shabbat services together, Saturday morning services and Havdalah services Saturday night. In addition, the group had their share of fun, including going to the Annapolis Mall, going to Washington D.C., and having a night of fun in Downtown Annapolis.

Overall, the week was a great success and many thanks goes out to those who organized the weekend.
Below are some pictures from the weekend:

Trip to the Israeli Embassy

A select number of members of the Jewish Midshipmen Club travelled to the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. on February 26. They spoke with a foreign affairs official who spoke to the group about what's going on in the Middle East, and the issues that Israel is facing today.

It was an enlightening experience for those who went, and the JMC hopes to do it again next year.

Trip to the USS Constitution and Jewish Museum in Baltimore

On a cool Sunday afternoon, several Midshipmen from the Jewish Midshipmen Club travelled to the USS Constitution in the Inner Harbour in Baltimore, Maryland.

Afterwards, the group travelled to the Jewish Museum in Baltimore, looking through the Civil War Exhibit. Approximetly 10,000 Jews, about 8% of the Jewish population during that time, fought in the Civil War.

Finally, to conclude the trip, the group travelled to Ann's Dari Creme in Glen Burnie, MD to have some of their classic milk shakes and hot dogs.

First Meeting

Our first JMC meeting is this coming Tuesday. All are welcome to come and join us at 1915 in the Uriah P. Levy Center as we get started with the new semester by chowing down on some pizza and Jimmy Johns.